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Faye Dunaway has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Faye Dunaway has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Faye Dunaway made a triumphant return to Cannes for the premiere of her documentary where she revealed her diagnosis with bipolar disorder (Reuters/Sarah Messonnier)

Faye Dunaway She made her first public appearance in four years at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the cast of the film “Furiosa,” in addition to being present at the world premiere of her documentary “Faye,” where the legendary actress revealed her diagnosis with diabetes. Two-way disorder.

In the production, the 83-year-old claims she worked with a group of doctors who analyzed her behavior and prescribed medications they thought could help her. “It helped me,” Dunaway states in the film. ““I’m calmer, but throughout my career, people know there have been difficult moments.”

Over more than six decades in the business, Faye has earned a reputation for being a difficult person to work with. This is how the actress explained it Bette Daviswho in a 1977 interview launched a strong criticism against Faye that has remained deeply engraved in the collective memory.

“Faye Dunaway is absolutely impossible,” actress Bette Davis said in a landmark 1977 interview.

“You could put anyone in this chair and they would tell you that Faye Dunaway is absolutely impossible.”Davis declared when host Johnny Carson was the most difficult person to work with in Hollywood.

Estelle Parsons, the actress who shared the camera with Dunaway in “Bonnie & Clyde,” also spoke about her experience on set with the Hollywood diva.

Everyone didn’t like Faye. Every time we were ready to shoot a scene she would demand to let her hair down again. “Of course I don’t want to imagine how a woman feels in this situation.”

Actress Estelle Parsons, who worked with Faye Dunaway on Bonnie and Clyde, said no one wanted Faye because of her demands during filming.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg. During his participation in the legendary film “Chinatown,” Roman Polanski succeeded in bringing out the worst in Faye. The director denied the actress access to the bathroom, which made Dunaway choose to urinate in a cup and throw it in Polanski’s face. “I’ve never seen this level of insanity,” the controversial director said of Fey’s tantrums.

During the filming of the historical “Chinatown”, Faye Dunaway threw her urine on Roman Polanski after he prevented her from going to the bathroom (Photo by Film Poster Image Art/Getty Images)

In her new film, the actress realizes that although the diagnosis explains part of her behavior, she is still responsible for her actions. “This is what I understood; The reason was because of them (their positions). It’s something you should be aware of and try to do the right thing to deal with.“, he confirms in the feature film.

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Dunaway also talks about the importance of medication in managing your mental health, calling it an essential tool for not relapsing into the same behaviors. “It’s a sensitivity and it’s part of my constitution…Thank God that there are medicines and studies, and there are doctors who treat this matter and I was able to benefit from it. Medication is crucial, without it you are back to where you are psychologically and biologically.

Faye Dunaway confirmed that her mental health was able to improve thanks to medication

Liam Dunmaway, Faye’s son, is also part of this documentary and confirms that the pain his mother suffered over the years turned her into the popular film personality she is today.

If she hadn’t suffered so much, would she have been as good? “You have to take the good with the bad, that’s life. (My mother) started out as a normal person who wanted to be famous, and she finished as a famous person who wanted to be normal.”

he documentary filmDirected by Laurent Bouzereau Includes interviews with other stars such as Sharon Stone, Mickey Rourke And the manager James Gray. The film follows Dunaway’s childhood and successful career in such acclaimed films as “Chinatown,” “Network” and the cult classic “Mommie Dearest.”