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Yant Garcia designs a mini black bikini that reveals her sensual butt

Yanet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Repair Agency

With tight gym clothes, tiny underwear, or risky bikinis that leave little to the imagination, it seems like it is. Yanette Garcia He has repeatedly raised the temperature within his social networks as in his latest release.

It was precisely through her official Instagram profile that the Monterrey-born, Nuevo Leon, girl appeared once again with The little swimsuit that capitalized on its cuteness.

Modeling with her back to the camera The delicious black bikini was how he earned his spot as one of the most beautiful celebs of the day, at least in regards to said social network.

With one of her legs bent and throwing a seductive smile at the camera, it was the way she doubled the dose of excitement and beauty through a photo, in which she won the appreciation of her fans, because in a few hours they rated her beauty even more. More than 300,000 red hearts.

In addition, in another series of recordings, the former “Weather Girl” sighed in a sexy black bathing suit, as her charm was visible to her 14 million followers.

There is no doubt that the Mexican model is one of the most beautiful women on social networking sites, and evidence of this is the sensual poses that she performed during an impromptu show on a catwalk in the middle of nature, in which she appeared as she walked to steal the breath of thousands.

While scoring for the seconds, he did the same in front of the pool.

Although showing off her best angles in a micro bikini is already an expert, Yanette Garcia She’s also managed to get her swooning for lust while wearing her bold sheer lingerie sets that leave little to the imagination, in her latest previews of what you can see on the exclusive content platform OnlyFans.

And it was just days before the former ‘Hoy’ presenter exposed her impressive back guard as she poses slightly with her back to the camera with an array of intimate clothes, the thin strips of which punctuated her curves to cause anger among her fans. , who interacted with more than 300,000 likes and hundreds of fun messages.

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