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Aliyah spends time with her mother, Adamari Lopez, on her birthday

Aliyah spends time with her mother, Adamari Lopez, on her birthday

Adamari Lopez She’s celebrating. The hostess is celebrating another year of her life, specifically 53, and she is doing so with great joy.

There are many surprises he has been receiving since the previous day, but without a doubt, one of the most special surprises came from the hand of his little daughter, Alia.

Like every year and from her networks, the little girl dedicated some beautiful words to her mother, her great partner and adventure partner.

Adamari Lopez and Alia.

Adamari Lopez and Alia on Instagram

“Happy birthday, mom. I love you so much and all our moments together. Have you congratulated mom yet?”

Some words accompany some of the most loving images between mother and daughter, always so close and affectionate with each other.

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Adamari has also been greatly celebrated on Univision and by her co-stars. UnequalWho prepared a nice surprise for him when he arrived at the dressing rooms before the live broadcast began.

Hugs, kisses and many shouts of joy came from that moment when she and her daughter welcomed the new Puerto Rican back to the sun. Congratulations, Ada!

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