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Adamari López reveals who should win La Casa de los Famosos

Adamari López reveals who should win La Casa de los Famosos

The grand finale of La Casa de los Famosos is approaching, scheduled for Monday, May 20, and the speculation does not stop growing. The countdown is already underway and more and more celebrities are revealing the name of their favorite participant. This time it’s the turn of actress and TV presenter Adamari Lopez. Although she no longer belongs to the Telemundo staff, the host used her social networks to support one of the reality show participants.

Through her Instagram stories, the Puerto Rican influencer supported her compatriot Maribelly Rivera. In the photo dating back several years, you can see both of them together, smiling. The post was accompanied by a heartfelt message: “Hurricane is about to hit Puerto Rico. Even Puerto Rico,” he wrote with some emojis. This is the first time Adamari López has publicly supported her friend.

Adamari Lopez and Maribelli. (Instagram)

More celebrities supported Maribelly Rivera ahead of the La Casa de los Famosos final

In addition to Adamari Lopez, other celebrities supported Maribelly Rivera. This was the case of musician and singer Christian Nodal, who posted a video on social networks in which he supported Puerto Rican celebrities: “Maribili, my love, I will wait for you in Puerto Rico. All my people must vote for Maribeli now.” In recent weeks, he has also received messages of support from leaders Urban type Ozuna and Anuel, both from Puerto Rico.

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For his part, Puerto Rican actor Julian Gil also made statements that favored the photo of the model inside La Casa de los Famosos. From this standpoint, singer Lupillo Rivera expressed the attacks he launched against Maribelli during the show. “She’s a woman who rises and rises, no matter if she’s Puerto Rican, Mexican, Argentinian, Chinese… That’s why people connect with her, whether you’re Puerto Rican or not. The famous man said at the time: “If they are voting for her, it is because there is an identity.”

How do you vote for a participant in La Casa de los Famosos?

This Sunday, the day before the grand final, there will be a final elimination ceremony, which will narrow down the contestants to five who will finally be in the hunt for the $200,000 prize. Viewers will be the ones to determine the fate of their favorite celebrities by voting favorably on various key moments of the week. Only residents of the United States and Puerto Rico can participate in voting.