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Elections in the Dominican Republic: Luis Abinader’s favorite |  Momento.net

Elections in the Dominican Republic: Luis Abinader’s favorite | Momento.net

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On Sunday, the Dominican Republic heads to the polls at a crucial moment for its political future. The election attracted attention, and Louis Abinader was the favorite. This article analyzes the reasons for his popularity and why many Dominicans tend to support him.

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic

One important factor that strengthened Abi Nader was his management of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since taking office in 2020, he has implemented effective measures to contain the virus and ensure its prevention. It was praised for obtaining protective materials and distributing them efficiently, allowing a large portion of the population to be protected. This proactive response has built confidence in its ability to manage crises and protect public health.

Economic recovery

The Dominican economy, like many others, has been hit hard by the pandemic. However, under Abi Nader’s leadership there was a noticeable recovery. His administration has strengthened economic policies that encourage foreign investment and the development of the tourism sector, which is a fundamental pillar of the country’s economy. It also promoted job creation and supported small and medium-sized enterprises, as an essential element of the economic recovery strategy, and gained the support of a wide segment of the population.


Another pillar of Louis Abi Nader’s popularity is his firm stance against corruption. He promised during his election campaign to prevent this, and once in government he took measures to combat it. In this sense, it implemented transparency policies and did not create obstacles to the prosecution of corruption cases.

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State modernization

Abi Nader’s modernization agenda also captured the attention of many Dominicans. His interest in digitizing government services and improving infrastructure has been well received. Projects such as expanding the fiber optic network and investing in renewable energy seek not only to modernize the country, but also to create a more sustainable and efficient environment for future generations.

Political stability

In a regional context where political instability is widespread, the Abi Nader administration has provided a sense of stability and continuity. His leadership was viewed as firm and reliable, unlike previous administrations, and gained the trust of citizens seeking a safer and more predictable future for the Dominican Republic.

International support

Abi Nader’s support and positive relationship with the international community also played an important role. Its ability to maintain good diplomatic relations and attract foreign investment has been viewed as a valuable asset. This international support not only strengthens its position within the country, but also enhances the perception that its administration is in line with global standards of governance and development.

On the eve of the election, Abi Nader is considered the favorite of the majority for the above and justifiable reasons.

This Sunday, the Dominicans will make a crucial decision, and the reasons for favoring Abi Nader suggest that many trust his leadership to guide the country toward a prosperous and stable future.

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