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We see her together at night in London

We see her together at night in London

theTo love life Shakira It’s a big earthquake. The Colombian singer has recently been linked to a Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, but the Barranquillara family again raised doubts about whether there really was a relationship with the British. after leaking it Both were up until the wee hours of the morning at Tipp’s London place After the British Grand Prix, now it’s the daily media that Shakira was pictured leaving the same restaurant as Jimmy Butler on Wednesday.

The NBA star, the Miami Heat player, was one of the names that was also linked to Shakira’s love life, as we must remember that she launched many posts on her social networks, in which she supported the Miami team since the stands during the NBA Finals. A source told International Media Agency Page Six so Shakira arrived at Novikov’s Restaurant and Bar before 10pm and Jimmy arrived later. Although they tried to go unnoticed, a witness revealed that the alleged couple had left for a few minutes around 1:30 am.

The witness also confirmed that they looked very comfortable inside the place as they ate sushi and drank cocktails. It could make Lewis Hamilton jealous.

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