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Ángela Aguilar paralyzes TikTok in skinny jeans and navel |  video

Ángela Aguilar paralyzes TikTok in skinny jeans and navel | video

Angela Aguilar Seen too active on your account tik tokEvery day he adds more fans to Videos In which you shine with a flirtatious and modern look, such as The skinny jeans she wore with a crop top with what paralyzed social network.

granddaughter Wildflower and Antonio Aguilar She not only won fans because of her great talent, but also for being young with the style she wears that has imposed fashion.Especially when it comes to clothes that accentuate her small waist, because this part of her body is very admired by her followers.

The young singer is distinguished by her way of dressing. Photo: IGangela_aguilar_

Angela beats TikTok in skinny jeans

This was through his official account in tik tok in which Angela He showed his millions of fans a casual look of jeans and blouse. Walking at the rodeo where the concert will take place “Garibo Without Borders‘, in which he shares with his father, Baby AguilarThe young singer stole sighs and glances.

“I’ve already bought your tickets for #JaripeoSinFronteras2022. See you in Anaheim on September 2nd and 3rd at the Honda Center!” Was it the phrase that accompanied the interpreter video On the Chinese platform where he already has 9.4 million followers, he set it to music with the song “Don’t Talk to Me About Love”, presented by his father in collaboration with Intocable.

Angela stole her looks with her fashionable and fit look. Photo: TKangelaaguilar_

With 1.9 million views, right now, the video From Angela It is one of the most popular of the last few days on her account, a clip in which the singer wore songs like “Actually” and “There Where They See Me” a look Who gave him lessons in fashion.

Baby Aguilar’s daughter TikTok paralyzed She once again confirmed that she is a celebrity with a short waistso with skinny jeans And her green striped secret highlighted this part of her personality, and also managed to get more than 800 fun comments.

Angela She is also one of the most important artists of the regional genre, having already at a young age received dozens of awards, which shows that she not only stands out with her beauty, but has also been a model for many magazines that she amazed with her beauty.

look at the video:

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