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An unprecedented experience for high school students in science and the sea

An unprecedented experience for high school students in science and the sea

Vocal: Marina Lopez

“We know that many high school students in the city have not visited the mouth of Bahía Blanca and that there is a lack of knowledge of our resources. As a basis we must value them is their knowledge, from this place we move on.”

The statement corresponds to Lic. Luisina Zuccarini, Secretary of Extension and Institutional Relations at the Department of Geography and Tourism of the National University of the South (DGyT), about the first edition of the Olympiad in Marine Sciences (Olicmar), which they go through several stages and end on Friday 15 September.

“We believe that the activity will contribute to knowledge and that in the future it can generate effects that we do not see until today,” he added.

The Oceanographic Olympiad is a set of activities launched – on June 26 – by the United Nations Department of Geography and Tourism and other agencies, such as the General Secretariat for Culture and Extension, the Undersecretary for Technological Links and the Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO), as well as the Municipality of Bahía Blanca, who will provide the César Milstein Center To innovate, at Fitz Roy 682, to develop head-to-head examples.

The proposal targets high school students in fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grades from the regions of Bahía Blanca and Coronel Rosales. The closing date for registration is Thursday, August 10, while the final submission will take place on the aforementioned September 15, after the development of the previous versions.

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Bachelor. Luisina Zuccarini, Secretary for Extension and Institutional Relations in the Department of Geography and Tourism at UNU.

“We also believe it is a way to promote conservation, preservation and care of the environment, because water quality will not only affect those who live along the coast, but also society in general,” he said. Zuccarini.

The trial launched is unprecedented for our broker and is inspired by a proposal Sea and Science Foundation, in Chile.

“In the search for new educational strategies about the oceans, they created a board game called Ocean Heroines, based on the story of 16 Latin American scientists who made important progress in this study. The Argentine representative is Dr. Cynthia Piccolo, a professor in our department, Professor Emeritus at UNU and researcher My boss at Conicet. All of this motivated us to create Olicmar,” he said.

Facilities of the Cesar Milstein Innovation Center, at 682 Fitz Roy.

“So far, the receptivity is interesting. On June 23, we started a face-to-face activity and participated in 10 establishments. In (this) July, we already had about 15 visits scheduled.”

BA Zuccarini noted that schools do not necessarily have to choose a group to represent. Also the team can be mixed, between 2 and 5 members and even more than one member per school.

Olicmar is designed in two stages.

“The first has already begun and will continue until mid-September. It is a phase of practice and learning,” said Lysis Zuccarini the new.

They will be trained as teachers and students in order to spread knowledge about the seas and oceans and their importance in life and care for them.

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He added, “In response to requests from different schools on our website, we are currently conducting visits to different institutions and offering informative talks, and one step further, with an approach to subjects.”

“The idea is not for teachers to adjust the curriculum structure they have introduced for this year. It will not be necessary and that is why we are participating more actively,” he said.

“We have an Olympic committee of advanced ocean students; researchers. IADO staff and teachers from various UNS departments, other than those associated with geography and tourism,” commented.

Training is also planned on the basis of training matches to work in teams or individually.

“We have created different types of study materials and strategies, which will allow children to connect and manage the content they will need to participate in the Olympics themselves. For this purpose we even rely on social networks.”

Some of the agreed dates for these previews are Wednesday 12th and Friday 25th August at Caesar Milstein. Here, groups have to be in person on — at least — one of these dates.

The second section, which is already final, will be on Friday, September 15th.

It will happen in two cases. There will be a qualifying round, in which the students will participate in two games, ”explained Lic. Zuccarini.

“It is entertainment activities and games with strategies and questions and answers, all linked to the broadcast of content. In parallel, we will select the finalists in the afternoon. At all times there will be talks and samples, laboratories, representatives of other institutions and so on will be present,” he added.

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“The prize? Our sponsor is Via Bariloche. For this reason, the winning group will receive a trip to Puerto Madryn in the province of Chubut. In addition, a copy of Oceanic Heroines will be delivered to the institution where the winners go, to be incorporated as educational materials,” he explained.

Zuccarini – a native of Peggy – has a degree in tourism (UNS 2014). He is also an Assistant Professor of Tourism Planning and Tourism Business Planning and Management at Universidad Nacional del Sur.

He is currently completing his PhD in Geography. The research addresses landscape, tourism and how communities build connection with the territory, as well as how tourism has become a matter of economic and social ramifications.

Activities schedule

The first edition of Olicmar was presented on June 8th and the informative talk was held at Rondeau 29 on Friday the 23rd.

The visits will continue during this month and next August to the facilities that require them.

Stop in Olicmar’s teamwork.

To participate in Olicmar, each school must complete the registration form on the competition website: https://emprender.bahia.gob.ar/olimpiadas-del-mar/

Whereas the following program is:

– Wednesday, July 12th. Training and practice day, at the César Milstein Innovation Center, at Fitz Roy 682, in two shifts: from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Thursday, August 10th. Closing recordings.

– Friday, August 25th. Training and practice at the Millstein Centre, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

– Friday, September 15th. First Eliminations and Finalists in the Marine Science Olympiad.

Other references to follow Olicmar are the following: