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The first generation of UOH's Faculty of Social Sciences earned their degree - El Urbano Rural

The first generation of UOH’s Faculty of Social Sciences earned their degree – El Urbano Rural

  • 78 students from three majors received their certificates.

In a precedent in the history of O’Higgins State University (UOH), the Bachelor’s Degree Awards Ceremony was held for the first generation of College of Social Sciences students, in particular, careers in General Management, Psychology and Business Engineering.

During the training process of each student, different teachers, in their role, have not only allowed them to acquire the required knowledge according to their own curriculum networks, but have also promoted direct contact, through their experience and in favor of learning professional and transversal skills in the context of everyday life even in times of pandemic .

The activity, carried out by the Faculty of Social Sciences, was attended by the President of O’Higgins University, Rafael Correa; Deputy Academic Adviser, Marcello Visconti; University Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies and Outreach, Paula Airlis; Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Javier Pino; Director of the School of Social Sciences, Alvaro Astudillo; University authorities, teachers and students’ relatives.

For University President Rafael Correa, it was a ceremony “that will be part of the history of the University and the College of Social Sciences and, above all, the lives of the students who graduated today. We are pleased that, along this path, each student’s commitment has been extraordinary.”

For his part, Alvaro Astudillo noted that “this was our first degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences, for which we feel a great responsibility and with great pride to see how the first generations, out of three of our careers, have taken very important steps within their professional training processes.”

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