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Why are cats an 'Invasive Alien Species' in Poland

Why are cats an ‘Invasive Alien Species’ in Poland

Despite the fact that, along with dogs, they are the most common pet, a Polish scientific institute has classified domestic cats as “Invasive Alien Species”.

as collected ScienceAlertThe Polish Academy of Sciences identified the domestic cat (Phyllis Katos) as “alien” as it was domesticated in the Middle East and cats were considered “invaders” because of The negative effect of domestic cats in indigenous biodiversity”.

The academy has a long list of animals they consider “Invasive alien species” which include Japanese knuckles, raccoons, pale-winged moths, and mandarin ducks.

They claim such species pose an “unexpected danger to local wildlife,” citing a study showing cats in Poland kill and devour each other. 48.1 and 583.4 million mammals And between 8.9 and 135.7 million birds annually.

He said the criteria for classifying cats as an invasive alien species was “100% met by the cat”. Fusch Solarsa biologist at the state-run Polish Academy of Sciences.


Owners and cat lovers have expressed outrage at the label, concerned that it incites mistreatment or abuse of domestic cats. Some media reports gave the wrong impression that the institute She advocated the euthanasia of stray cats and others.

Comments on the academy’s Facebook page show people saying that the institution’s ranking is “Simply stupid and malicious.”

Wojciech Solares, a biologist at the state-run Polish Academy of Sciences, said he did not expect such an answer when adding the cat to the database, saying no other entries had caused this to happen. Such an emotional response.

A stray cat captures an endemic lizard near a cat colony located in Tenerife.

Such was the uproar that Solars made on expert Dorota Sominska, author of a book called happy caton national television. Sominska, a veterinarian, said: “Ask If a human is on the list of non-invasive alien species“When it comes to limiting biodiversity, he argues, a lot of the blame is unfairly on cats.

Solars suggested that the negative comments may be due to a misunderstanding and that the academy only recommends that cat owners limit their pets’ time outdoors. During the breeding season of birds.

In a Facebook post earlier this month, the academy said that “Opposition any cruelty to animals”. He explained that defining a domestic cat as an invasive alien species does not guarantee any abuse against it, nor does it justify abandoning the cats.

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