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Jaén City Council makes it a priority to promote animal welfare and that the city is a “pet-friendly” standard

Jaén City Council makes it a priority to promote animal welfare and that the city is a “pet-friendly” standard

Jane, July 15 (European Press) –

The Mayor of Jaén, Agustín González, accompanied by the Councilor for Conservation and Municipal Infrastructures, Antonio Llosa, visited this Saturday the cleaning and conditioning procedures carried out by the City Council in La Concordia Park Lake.

With them, the conditions for the ducks that live there and are part of the special landscape of this park are outwardly improved. Loza explained that “the first cleaning and sterilization tasks have been carried out for the electronic bank, and it is the beginning of an intervention that seeks to improve the conditions of these animals, while at the same time transforming this space to make it larger and more transparent, so that the little ones can enjoy it from anywhere and from a perspective”, highlights in press release.

Agustín González wanted to explain that, with this measure, he begins to show how the city council will “implement policies to improve the welfare of animals”, which will range from taking care of these birds, to better monitoring of cat colonies. Through the CER method, in addition to “creating a ‘pet-friendly’ seal for stores and establishments, leaving a more open and comfortable city for both pets and their owners.”

“30% of households in our country have a pet, one in three. The statistics in Jaén are slightly lower, but in our province we have known more than 172,000 dogs, for example. This means that they are also important for the families who give them a home, “he explained. Gonzalez.

“Gandhi said that the greatness and moral development of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. This is something that we will carry to the local level by establishing policies of respect and animal welfare, so that dealing with them is also an indication that we are building the city we aspire to be,” Gonzalez concluded. .

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