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Medicine and Data Science ADE, top cut-off marks in UPNA

Medicine and Data Science ADE, top cut-off marks in UPNA

Medicine and Data Science ADE, top cut-off marks in UPNA

Medicine is a degree from the State University of Navarre (UPNA) which presents a higher cut-off mark, with a 13.19 out of 14, after last Friday’s publication of the first list of students admitted to the degree for the upcoming academic year 2023-2024. Followed by the double degree in Data science in Business Administration and Management (ADE) with a score of 13.01, while after seven it exceeds 12 points.

In addition, the three new degrees to be taught starting in September have the following cut-off marks: Dual Degree in Physical Therapy and in Physical Activity and Sport Science (CAFYD), 12.40; score in CAFYD, 11.31; And the dual certificate in thermal engineering 9.74.

The two degrees with the highest cut-off marks in UPNA are followed by seven others exceeding 12 points. It comes to a dual degree in Data Science and Biotechnology, with a 12.88; the above double degree in Physiotherapy and CAFYD, with a 12.40; International Dual Degree Program in Business and Law, with a 12.34; Dual Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Communication Technologies with a GPA of 12.31; Certificate in Biomedical Engineering, with a 12.30; Certificate in Nursing, with a 12.15; and a Certificate in Biotechnology with a score of 12.10.

Nine other grades have a cut-off score greater than 11 points. These are: Dual Degree in Business Administration and Law with a score of 11.95. Certificate in Data Science, with a GPA of 11.74; International Dual Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education Teacher and Primary Education Teacher, with a GPA of 11.70; International Certificate Program in Business and Economics, with an 11.68; double score in the early childhood teacher and in the teacher in primary education, 11.66; Certificate in Physiotherapy, 11.40; International Certificate Program in Engineering in Industrial Technologies, with an 11.36; score at CAFYD, with an 11.31; and the International Certificate Program in ADE, with an 11.11. The full list of cut-off marks for UPNA undergraduate degrees is available for consultation on the academic institution’s website.

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Once the first list of admitted students is published, these persons must formalize their registration between the 18th and 19th of July (depending on the degree in question) through the website of the Public University of Navarre, the details representing all the steps necessary to carry out the registration process correctly, with the exception of the medical certificate for which it is necessary to register in person.