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America vs.  Queretaro, result, result, summary and goals: Aguilas win and they are the leaders

America vs. Queretaro, result, result, summary and goals: Aguilas win and they are the leaders

he America And the Queretaro They caught me Opening 2023, which was thus left with only one match pending after eight days of play (the match that Tijuana and Monterrey must complete). the the Eagles And the White roosters They’ve faced each other at La Corregidora and they know it If the azulcremas achieve victory they will be the new leaders of the tournament. And so it happened.

The match, which was originally part of the second round, It was suspended at the time due to the poor condition of the local stadium.Which was left in such conditions after a concert that the grass did not recover in time.

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How was the America Queretaro match? The result and the final result

equipment 1 T 2T last
Queretaro 1 0 1
America 0 2 2


  • QER – Zuniga – minimum 11
  • Amy – Valdes – minimum 52
  • AME – Lechnovsky – minimum 77

America vs. Queretaro: summary and objectives

Full time! America had no major upsets in the finale and beat Queretaro to take the lead in the 2023 inaugural tournament, one point ahead of Atletico San Luis. Here you can see how the overall ranking is.

Minute 90. Another 7 minutes will be played. Can the local team reach a draw?

Minute 86. Change in Queretaro: Nicolas Cordero, new arrival from Huracán de Argentina, enters Escamilla.

Minute 80: America’s goal! Lechowski’s goal! The referee finds that Lechowski’s jump was legal and that he legally won the position of Querétaro’s defender. Seems like the right decision.

Minute 77… It was America’s goal… but it is not (currently)! The whistle signaled a violation as Lechnovsky was celebrating his second. Now it’s time for the VAR system and Diego Montaño Robles to review it for themselves: there is a possible jump by the Chilean excessively above Gularte’s humanity.

Minute 73. Changes in Roosters: Joaquín Montesinos replaces Parreira and Mauro Lines replaces Gomez.

Minute 65. Three changes together in America: Valdes’ departure, Little head Rodriguez and Zendejas; Enter Henry Martin, Leo Suarez and Brian Rodriguez. A completely new, modern attack front for the EaglesThree players who will be key players in all other Liga MX teams…

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Minute 63. First change: Jordan Sierra enters the Aeon match. Mauro Gerke looks to win the ball back in midfield.

Minute 62. Central arc from Parreira on the exit of the free kick, which found a wonderful jump from Malagón to clear. There is no doubt that the ball entered the goal.

Minute 61. Good maneuver by Jaime Gomez in the attacking zone. With a step and good coverage of the ball, he causes a foul and a warning for Kevin Alvarez.

Minute 56. Changes will come and one of them, depending on who leaves, could lead to the most threatening attack in League MX: Andre Jardin recalls Henri Martin.

Minute 52: America’s goal! Diego Valdes Relations! Very poor defensive movement from Querétaro, which throws him into confusion when he receives Quiñones and drops in the area. And in that turbulent river there is a gain for the Chilean, who receives the ball and ends up alone in front of Alisson.

Minute 50. Zendejas receives speed from Quiñones on the right, cuts towards the center and Barbieri stands and does not allow him to finish the ball comfortably. It’s strange that Querétaro’s team was in a bad position, when it shouldn’t have been when they were in front.

Minute 48. Quiñones once again had a good chance and Mendoza once again made a save at the limit when the Colombian wanted to cut the ball back in front of his mark and the goalkeeper was out.

The second half begins!

The end of the first half! Queretaro took advantage of the clearest opportunities available to them and with Zuniga’s goal they narrowly beat America.

Minute 45. Now Queretaro has been saved! Valdes plays the ball to Quiñones, who sets his sights and shoots the ball from distance, good and low. Alisson made the save by turning the ball into the corner. This was very clear.

Minute 38. Good maneuver by Zendejas but his shot ended up well blocked by goalkeeper Alisson as he couldn’t corner it much. America was patient in moving the ball.

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Minute 30. America must adjust its defensive position because it cannot offer the advantages it offers in the face of a competitor who attacks it only to a small extent compared to the danger it causes to its fence.

Minute 23. The second corner kick in a row is won by Queretaro! This time Aon won easily, but his header went high. America has been in the Apertura for almost half a season, giving a clear advantage in the air.

Minute 22. Left foot shot Little head Rodriguez, who moves away from Alisson’s left. The Uruguayan was unable to make a full impact with his boots.

Minute 21. A poor start for Malagon left the goal empty on a corner kick: Lertora’s header went wide. If he had hit the target, it would have been second Roosters. Between the goalkeeper and the visitor’s last line they are playing a bad match.

Minute 20. Great recovery for Mendoza who stopped Valdes when the Chilean wanted to change the tempo and was going fast after the local team lost the ball in attack and was blocked poorly.

Minute 17. Querétaro already took this position in the draw, so how could they not now: they defend themselves with a line of 5 when America dominates the ball in an attacking position and puts up to 6 or 7 men inside the area. But be careful: this is no guarantee, rather it gave the feeling that Quinones could have another clear chance at any time.

Minute 10: Queretaro’s goal! amazing! America lost it and the roosters scored! The Águilas opened the scoring at the feet of Quinones, who took a loose ball near the penalty spot and smashed it against the post. From there, the rejection from the backfield became a help for Zúñiga, who battled for position with Lechnovski and beat him with his body to come face-to-face with Malagón and finish calmly before the start. The man from Queretaro had the luck that Quiñones lacked, as his touch also hit the post, but instead of going out it went in.

Minute 7. Malagon does not come out in the face of a very long and high pass, and Lechnovski, under attacking pressure, becomes complex and ends up sending the ball into the corner. The goalkeeper’s decisiveness and communication with his defenses were absent.

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Minute 5. After a few minutes of splitting the ball, America slowly began to control the ball and determine its position on the court.

Minute 2. Fans exchange ‘Ole’ when their centre-back passes the ball between them. At least it looks like the crowd is ready to have a good time!

Minute 0. Start game!

20.05 CDMX. The teams are already on the field! After the protocol greetings and the poses taken by the photographers, everything is ready in La Corregidora.

American goalkeepers are gearing up with the latest moves on the field. Immediately the Mexican teams, banners and national anthem will come before the start of the match.

For his part, this was the arrival of the local team to La Corregidora stadium:

This is how America arrived at Queretaro Stadium:

Confirmed lineup for America

Luis Ángel Malagon; Kevin Alvarez, Igor Lechnovsky, Ramon Juarez, Luis Fuentes; Jonathan Dos Santos, Alvaro Fidalgo, Richard Sanchez; Alejandro Zendegas, Diego Valdes, Jonathan Rodriguez; Julian Quiñones.

Welcome to La Corregidora Stadium! América will be looking to top the Apertura 2023 in its highly anticipated second round visit to Queretaro, while the local side are gunning for a win that leaves them almost in line to qualify for the Liguilla Repechage.

Queretaro confirmed lineup

Where do you see America vs. Queretaro? TV channels and online streaming

  • hour: 20:06 CDMX | 22:06 EST
  • TV Channels:
    • Mexico: Fox Sports Premium
    • United State:
  • Online broadcast:
    • Mexico: Fix Premium
    • United State: Fix Premium