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Summary of the match Pumas vs Pachuca (2-0).  Objectives "

Summary of the match Pumas vs Pachuca (2-0). Objectives “

Mexico City /

The A magical afternoon in CU doesn’t stop. When the odds favor the leader Pachuca To conclude your championship with a refreshment, appeared cougars And with his usual paw Defeated 2-0 to reach the playoff and follow They dream of a league title.

The captain appeared from the bench Juan Dinino scores the double Which gave victory to the cats and by the way He scored 40 goals with the university team Since his signature in CU. All as part of an almost perfect text taken from the bench by Andres Lelini.

The Argentine coach chose A Title picture that plagued the youth Such as Marco Garcia, Santiago Trigos, Elver Perez and the debut of Jose Caicedo. All this coupleTo give rest to his best men thinking of Final against Seattle Wed This is for Concachampions.

The juniors fully complied with a closed match with few options. a) yes The 60th minute arrived and Lelini again chose the changes and among them was Dineno Which debuted with a header from a corner kick 1-0.

for him second goal Dinenno was the one who directed the play in a Withering backlash that ended with a wall with Diogo de OliveiraWho returned the ball so accurately that he left it hand in front of goalkeeper Ostari, who witnessed the wonderful goal of the Argentine defender in the 2-0 final.

and notice that Pachuca was the first to reportr with the clearest play in the first half after a A mix between Eric Sanchez and Roberto de la Rosa. The fact is that the advantage of that play went to the gunner, who made a pinwheel to remove the mark and header, but sent a long shot.

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The mistake was costly because the cats started to have possession of the ball. This is how some came Notices from Meritao and Marco GarcĂ­a Who predicted a storm of the second half.

now yes, Pumas completed both tournamentsin the final of CONCACAF and I entered the appendix Where he will need to be at his best if he is to aspire to win the Liga MX title, as he has dealt a blow to power with the collapse of the Tuzo leader.