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Julio Rodriguez House runs Seattle Elevators

Julio Rodriguez House runs Seattle Elevators

The duel took place midweek on “Auckland Coliseum”house of Athletics. Both enneagrams are far from completely different futures. On one side, Seattle Mariners A fierce battle within the top three places in the Western Conference of the American League, leaving the locals with no options to cross into the Western Division. Playoffs.advertisements

Julio Rodriguezwho took second place in order and center field, came to home plate to face the starting pitches, Joey EstesWith clean rules, without any exits.

Julio Rodriguez saw it clearly

Facing a four-seam fastball that reached the plate at 92.8 mph, J-Rod He was able to connect as hard as he could and sent a huge connection between right field and center.

The hit, since its release, has worn the colossal tag of a home run, which in turn became the 31st hit from four corners for Julio Rodriguez And RBI’s 100th of the campaign.

In this way, the Keskians knew how to reach another teacher within Big tentwith a one-kilometre home run that reached 389 feet.

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Finally, the board was put in place Seattle 3×1, which undoubtedly gave the ninth visitor a big break.

Julio Rodriguezbase his numbers with 97 total runs, 176 hits, and a .286 average

The Dominican was just one digit away from making the 60-person pro mark.

Below you can enjoy the video of the hit: