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▷ Shakira and Bizrab performed BZRP #53 on Jimmy Fallon’s show | uses

interview Shakira and Bizarab with Jimmy Fallon stole the spotlight This Friday, March 10th on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After success His duet with Karol G, “TQG”subtitled “BZRP Music Session #53”, performed with the Argentine He said a song for the first time directly In front of a captivated audience he sang the song in Spanish, despite it being a prime time program with an English speaking audience.

“The Music Sessions, Volume 53.” “It’s a colossal, universal song…it couldn’t be a bigger song,” Fallon said at the beginning of the interview.

“It’s the truth, you (Shakira) and Biza today got four Guinness World Records for the song… Among them are the most watched Latin song on YouTube in 24 hours, the fastest Latin song to reach 100 million views on YouTube, the most played song on YouTube. Spotify within 24 hours and within a week. “They broke it,” he added.

Then, the interviewer asked them how they ended up working together, with Shakira blaming her son, Milan, who is a huge fan of the Argentinian.

After the Colombian told how her children had become something like “career advisors” and that it was they who suggested she sign up with Bizarab, the producer gave his version, saying that despite the fact that he already had a collaboration with Shakira, I don’t know how to get there. until all the pieces fit together. After contacting the singer’s manager, BRZP traveled to Barcelona with two beats under his arm, one of which she liked and the rest is history.

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Who is the Argentine Bizarab who breaks it on social networking sites?

Shakira References To Pique On “BZRP Music Session #53”

There’s so much that Shakira revealed, confirmed, and referred to in her new single, “BZRP Music Session #53,” that we’ll have to break down.

Certainly, the topic refers to his breakup with Gerard Pique and all the events that happened. The song begins withSorry I already got on another plane, won’t be back here nor do I want another disappointmentwhich may indicate Her decision to move to Miami with her children and leave Barcelonathe city he lived in because of his ex-partner’s work.

Furthermore, he speaks directly to her by saying, “So much so that you give it to yourself as a hero“, Referring to his successful career as a soccer player.

When he mentions:You left me as your mother-in-law’s neighbour, with the press at the door and the debts in the treasuryWe soon realized he was talking about the news of the past few months, because Pique’s parents live next door which they shared in Barcelona and where she was persecuted by the paparazzi. Also, offline You are facing a legal problem in Spain due to tax issues.

One of the most interesting parts of “BZRP Music Session #53 is when Shakira says”I’m not going back with you, nor that you make me cry or beg meThis excerpt He suggests that Gerard Pique apologize to the singer and ask her to continue their relationshipBut she refused. Ah, but now he seems very happy with his new girlfriend!

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