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This was Shakira and Bizarab’s show on Jimmy Fallon’s show

This was Shakira and Bizarab’s show on Jimmy Fallon’s show

They performed their new worldwide single ‘BZRP Music Session #53’

Shakira and Bizarab They presented their global hit live for the first time “Music Session #53” In front of a New York audience through the talk show “The Tonight Show affiliate Jimmy Fallon. The Colombian and Argentinian’s appearance was one of the most anticipated performances in one of the most watched shows in the United States.

Jimmy Fallon He appeared on the screen and expressed, “Presenting his global success Music Session #53 For the first time, let’s welcome Bizarab and Shakira. ” The artists immediately appeared in a part of Studio 6B, of which NBC Studios In the GE Building at Rockefeller Center in New York City, Which was suitable for the study that the Argentine producer has in his home.

As in the video released on January 11th which in less than 24 hours became the number one music release in the world, Shakira She stands behind her strangeHe sits in front of his computer and interprets the song. In addition, a kind of wall was placed that was decorated in the same way as the DJ’s house.

when the song starts Shakira Surprised, he edited a small part of the song’s entrance and howled, remembering his great success “wolf”Which he also referred to in his song with the Argentine producer. The woman from Barranquilla wore a gorgeous black bodysuit with leather pants and, as expected, impressed the crowd with her hip movements.

The most surprising thing about this performance was that the audience was in a studio “The Tonight Show” They sang the full song that the Colombian released after their breakup Gerrard Pique. In fact, the excitement of the Latin public hit both of them Shakira That the singer went to the stands to share with her fans in the middle of the show.

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The parts of the song that were undoubtedly chanted the most by all who attended the Colombian and Argentine show in New York were those that Shakira Refers to his former partner Gerard Pique and who is currently his girlfriend Clara Xia. “This is for you to insult yourself / Chew it and swallow it swallow it and chew it / I won’t get back with you / Even if you cry or beg me / I get it it’s not my fault they criticize you / I’m just making music / I’m sorry I bribed you“.

In addition, the Colombian’s followers followed the steps that the artist performs in the video, at the moment when she says “salt pique”And Shakira laughs Seeing fans make the same gesture of throwing a drop of water at it, just like in the official video for the song.

The same thing happened when he sang Barranquillara “Women Don’t Cry Anymore, Women’s Bill”, because the people around her not only shouted out the song piece, but gave a nod from the cash register. “He has a good name Obviously not as it seems / She has a good person’s name / It’s obvious that she looks like youIt was also one of the audience’s favorite parts, so much so Shakira stopped singing at some point so that the audience can only be heard singing that part of the song.

Finally, the singer returns to the stage with Argentine producer Bizarab and embraces him while they continue to explain. Shakira She gets back to center stage, doing her dance moves and finishing off the first live performance of her worldwide hit song “Music Session #53” next to strange.

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