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Thalia ends up losing in the 'Squid game' scene

Thalia ends up losing in the ‘Squid game’ scene

Currently, the popular Netflix seriessquid game“It has become one of the most watched projects on the platform, which is why I became the singer and actress next It couldn’t go unnoticed so I felt the need to “play” too, but the results weren’t what I expected.

Through an entertaining video as he usually does next in your account tik tok The translator of “Amor a la mexicana” took part in one of the most famous games in the series.

If you have already watched the 9-episode series in its first season, you will remember that this game consisted of 6 matches that the participants had to beat, and whoever wins will get a millionaire sum.

It was in the third chapter titled “The Man with the Umbrella” when the participants had to choose a character in front of the game room, which would be exactly the candy character they had to take from a famous candy in Korea.

Thalia ends up losing in the ‘Squid Game’ scene | France Press agency

What sweet was in the squid game?

This sweetness is called “dalgona candy”, known in South Korea as being made of sugar with a mixture of bicarbonate.

From the series, several videos began to appear with the recipe and its preparation, it is nothing but to dissolve the sugar and once this is done sodium bicarbonate is added to change its structure and become solid when removed from its place. Immediately get a little rough.

They are usually marked with cookie cutters, and then when they are fully solidified, they need to be “cut” with a needle to get the shape with the perfect outline.

The same thing the singer did next With a circle, but she couldn’t do it so she had to be “eliminated” just like in the game.

click here If you want to watch the video.

Usually, videos on Tiktok for Tommy Mottola’s beautiful wife are very entertaining, which is why today she is known for her creativity and creativity which amuses her fans time and time again.

The video was posted 21 hours ago and already has over 42,000 hearts translated to likes on Tiktok as well as 524 comments, and that same video has been shared over 260 times.

Thalía currently has more than 9.4 million followers on Tiktok, and her content is so charming and funny that she is gaining more followers over time, for sure you want to surpass Erika Buenfil.

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