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Zordo Ramirez, mandatory challenger to Dimitri Bevol

Zordo Ramirez, mandatory challenger to Dimitri Bevol

Ontario, California. /

Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirez at CaliforniaBecause in only four episodes he gave a German narration Dominique BousselWho did not resist in short the battle.

With his victory, because it was a qualifying battle, he did Boxer Sinaloa He earned the right to be the mandatory opponent of World Boxing Association (WBA) Heavyweight Champion Dmitry Bevol.

He had no competition

The fight that leaves little to the Mexican boxer, in the sport, is that he dominated from the first round to the German, and the fact that he showed absolutely nothing, not even courage, during the time the suit lasted Ontario.

Ramirez He finished in 1:33 of the fourth round, when the referee stopped the proceedings.

In fact, the German corner had already threatened his pupil to stop the fight, because he practically did not lay his hands, but the third corner on the roof was in front of him.

“I feel great, great about my performance, and like I said, I was going to put on a show for everyone here at Angels. said Gilberto, who improved his record to 44-0 (30 KOs). He was judged now that he was going to him Dmitriy Bevol.

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