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Yuli Gouriel and Yordan Alvarez were key to Houston's decisive win over Yankees - SwingComplete

Yuli Gouriel and Yordan Alvarez were key to Houston’s decisive win over Yankees – SwingComplete

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

In this way, the stars completed the sweeping against their rivals and took the match 4-0, and advanced undefeated to the world championship in the current MLB 2022, where they will face the Philadelphia Phillies, who beat San Diego 4-1. Padres.

To the grief of Yankees fans, festivities and celebrations took place at the same Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

In this exciting victory, the two Cuban players who witnessed the events in the fencing had a lot to do with it, the cases of Yordan Alvarez and Yuli Gouriel.

Jordan hit third and left and went 2-4 with one inning and one RBI and one hit, his 10th multi-hit game in Major League seasons.

The two Cuban strikes had a direct impact on the outcome of the match. First, at the top of the third inning, with the game tied in three runs, on a two-ball, one stroke count, Jordan doubled a drive to the right field on the playing field 94 mph from the left redeemer. Yankees, Andy Peralta.

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Jordaan made it to second base with his first hit of the match and moments later scored the green light for the Astros, led by fellow countryman Yuliski Gouriel, who went 1 for 4 with the RBI, lining up as the sixth hitter and first baseman.

Gurriel pushed Peralta’s 90-mph break in a ball-and-hit pair to the right wing, making it 4-3 in favor of Houston.

But the best of Yordan is reserved for later, as the booster rocket in the seventh inning with two teammates on board and one on the board, tie the game 5×5, before another unstoppable RBI decides the confrontation with Alex Bregman.

The first pitch he saw from New York’s Jonathan Loisiga, Yordan swung a fastball at 98 mph and fired a heavy sliver into the right field.

The truth is, the Houston Astros are already in the World Championships, and Guriel and Jordan have done well so far, both ready to take on the challenge that awaits Phillies starting on Friday, October 28.

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