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Ypsi Moreno has been replaced as National Athletics Commissioner for Cuba

Legendary Hammer wear morenoThe glory of Cuban sports, the country’s highest sports body, has been dismissed from her position at the head of Cuba’s National Athletics Committee “by personal will,” the country’s highest sports body reported on Saturday.

Memorandum signed by the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) and published on the Sports Portal He hitsI assure thatAccording to your personal desiresComrade Ypsi Moreno Gonzalez has been released from her duties as National Athletics Commissioner.”

The government body acknowledged the “effort he made during his time at the helm of athletics,” and announced Relief for Rolando Carlos Charo Estradawho served as director of INDER in the Cuban province of Guantanamo.

The information was also published in the evening edition of the national television newscast.

Moreno, 41, is also a member of the State Council since 2018 and a deputy to the National Council of People’s Power, a position she will hold until 2023. It is not clear if she will continue to exercise her role on the State Council. condition.

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This action coincides with the recent statements of the prominent former athlete, who confirmed on Friday that the collapse of the Cuban delegation at the recently concluded World Championships in Athletics in the United States – which was held from July 15-24 in Oregon – “is not a defeat”.

“Oregon, I think for every champion, for everyone who works, for everyone who puts in effort and always tries to give the best of themselves and even more of us in the athletics family, it’s the dissatisfaction, it’s a sadness, but it’s a temporary sadness, because in the end, we all knew what could be. to happen in Oregon,” Moreno told Tele Rebelde.

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Multiple Medalist World Olympic hammer throw He did not want to realize that the lack of medals in the international competition was a measure of the current state of Cuban sport, and added: The poor performance of the athletes in the arena “was something the authorities expected.”.

For the first time, a Cuban team has not achieved a medal or any related result at the World Championships in Athletics since its inception in 1983.

Moreno said the country has many young prospects, capable of preserving the so-called king of sports, if they work with them in a dignified and orderly manner.

At the beginning of the month, Moreno was also in the news for Other controversial statements about athletes who decided to leave the island And work career in other countries.

In a video released by the official media CubadebateHe stressed that many later regret that “the time comes when the money they earn in foreign clubs is not enough for them.”

At that time, he realized that there was a lack of competitiveness in training, because if the athletes leaving achieve such relevant results within four months, it is because they find enough conditions in clubs and other countries to make this leap in quality.

She also noted that she felt pressure because “I’m in the middle, because I have to try to ensure that these athletes achieve their dreams and continue under the Cuban flag and that these coaches don’t put me down and leave me,” he said.

He also admitted that the EIDE Youth Promises needed coaches of sufficient quality in the national team.

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Moreno is considered one of the greatest Cuban athletes of all time. His career as an auctioneer earned him titles and medals in all the world’s elite specialized competitions for two decades (1997-2016).