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Santi Jimenez in Feyenoord will be able to strengthen himself in the Mexican national team

Santi Jimenez in Feyenoord will be able to strengthen himself in the Mexican national team


Play in the European League and the Feyenoord game systemwill help you Santiago Jimenez Don’t fight in Mexico national teamOpposite World Cup Qatar 2022.

Feyenoord system, similar to Tata Martino’s Tri . system

The playing system used by the coach arnee hole Similar to Gerardo Martinowith players as wingers and a center forward, which is also a formation He will help Gimenez shine in the Eredivisie.

The system is similar and will help you a lotrelated to Mexican national team. Our coach is successful in playing very offensively. In most matches we dominate the game, but Santi has great features It must work on others. We will try to help with that and make it grow and get used to it in the best possible way; Being young you have to give him space to adapt to lifeBecause the cultures are different and the team will adapt. He’ll have a lot of contact with the ball and close to the area, and that benefits him a lot. It’s a great opportunity for him.” Dennis T. Kloesein an interview with half the time.

boss FeyenoordAnd an acquaintance of Mexican football, they admitted it Santi Jimenez Already followed For several months, the scouts of the team decided to cover him for a loss Cyril Desires (a naturalized Belgian-Nigerian) who returned to football from Belgium.

“He’s a player who was on file Feyenoord exploration area; We needed to find a striker, because the two of us left the team and we had to reclaim those positions. Santiago was followed, they saw him alive And we were able to reach good negotiations with blue cross‘, detailed T-Close.

Jimenez will train with Van Persie

During his time in FeyenoordAnd the Santiago Jimenez can also Train twice a week With the historic Dutch striker Robin van PersieWho is the coach of the team? under 16 years old He works twice a week with club strikers.

Robin He was a global figure (Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014); He is a humble and familiar person. Getting close to him twice a week will help. Here we had great strikers and hopefully he will be with them In Santiago, we have the same luck to have great strikers“.