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YouTube Premium will have a higher video quality option

YouTube Premium will have a higher video quality option

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YouTube Premium now has the option to view videos in “enhanced” quality in Full HD or 1080p. This option will not affect those who do not pay for subscribing to the service, but it will be an alternative to displaying content on the platform in higher quality, which YouTube achieves by increasing the bitrate, or video bitrate.

The new feature is available on iOS devices first, and will be rolled out to the web version of YouTube as a test or beta feature, at least for now, according to the report. advertisement Youtube. (It looks like Android users will have to wait a little longer.) Its operation, according to YouTube, relies on increasing the video bitrate to offer a new option with higher quality and fluidity but with the same resolution (Full HD). The name of this new option is 1080p Premium. The standard 1080p option, which is the same one we’ve seen so far, will still be available to all users, including those who pay Premium but don’t want to watch videos in this quality.

YouTube Premium will have higher video quality, but YouTube Standard will not be affected

picture: Youtube

And this isn’t the only feature YouTube will implement in Premium. It seems the company’s idea is to attract (or retain) more subscribers by reminding them that they won’t just stop seeing ads. If they pay a premium, but you also get some exclusive features. Another novelty is the ability to simultaneously watch video with a friend or family member using FaceTime on Apple devices, something that was already possible on Android through Google Meet. From now on it will also be possible to create playlists from smartphones, and YouTube will be able to intelligently and automatically download some videos to watch on your smartphone or tablet when you are offline, although it is possible to disable this function if you do not want YouTube decides what you want View or download.

Youtube I was already suffering With some of these features for quite some time now, but they will gradually be rolled out to more users.

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