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Xavi makes a radical decision after the defeat against Girona

Xavi makes a radical decision after the defeat against Girona

The atmosphere in Barcelona became dark after the decision of its coach, Xavi Hernandez. The coach had planned to give his players two days of rest after the match against Girona. However, the crushing 4-2 defeat to the latter radically changed the plans of the Catalan strategist. The news coming from Barcelona is overwhelming: only one day off for the team.

Barcelona could lose money

The defeat to Girona left Barcelona in a difficult position. There is a possibility that he will finish the season in third place, which will lead to him losing his participation in the next Spanish Super Cup. This result will have major financial repercussions for the club.

The impact of Xavi Hernandez’s decision is not limited to the sporting field only. The morale of the players was affected and the atmosphere in the locker room became tense. The harsh procedure imposed by the technician indicates the seriousness of the situation.

This defeat against Girona also buried the team’s recent hopes of achieving a historic comeback and thus being able to catch up with Real Madrid in the standings. It should be noted that this defeat allowed Real Madrid to win the title a few days before it remained.

The pressure on Xavi Hernandez is increasing as the end of the season approaches. Although the coach and the club have reached an agreement to continue this next season, it is not known whether this may cause a review of this agreement.

The truth is that Xavi’s decision to cancel his players’ vacations reflects the seriousness of the situation in Barcelona.

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Defeat vs Girona It put the team in the standings and its participation in the upcoming Spanish Super Cup in jeopardy. The next few weeks will be crucial for the club’s future.