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Women's Chivas vs. Tigres (2-0).  Semi-Final Result, Clausura 2022

Women’s Chivas vs. Tigres (2-0). Semi-Final Result, Clausura 2022

Guadalajara /

Women’s team Chivas Femenil gave the surprise and entered the final From close 2022 to beat Tigres 2-0, in order to hook the chain in total and sneak thanks to their better position in the table. University students witnessed the disappearance of seven consecutive finals.

In a duel with a wholly happy ending for the people of Guadalajara at Akron Stadium, Holy Squadron is fighting its second title in its third finalthanks to a goal four minutes after the final whistle; While Regas was hit very hard with this elimination.

The first leg was 2-0 to Amazon Chivas needed to win by two goalsTigres was inside, so it wasn’t a very cool match.

The most dangerous action came after the 25th minute when a stroke from Stephanie Mayor reached Mia Fishel, but the American’s shot went over the top.

However, Amazonas managed to open the scoring when it was in the 31st minute Carolina Jaramillo header from Nellie Rangel on the goal line; The mayor still had the recoil, but he put it to one side.

Fish was injured She came out of the change at 39′; It was a significant loss for female tigers.

before the break Carol Bernal scored Chivas’ goal When finished with a header in the 44th minute, in a free kick by Jocelyn Montoya.

This goal forced the Guadalajara women’s team to go for another goal.

In the second half, at the 59th minute, Jaramillo hit a free kick that Rojblanca striker Alicia Cervantes did not reach with her header.

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Tigres’ pass appears even in the 86th minute, Kinberly Guzm├ín turned the ball into the Jaramillo area for Licha, but The middle sent it to save to pass the pass to the herd.

The opponent will be eliminated from the other semi-finals as Tozas beat Al-Riyada 2-0.