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The epic trolling that Christian "Checot" Calderon did with Atlas players on social networks

The epic trolling that Christian “Checot” Calderon did with Atlas players on social networks

MX . League

The Guadalajara footballer appeared on social networks to reduce the nickname the Red and Black had, so they immediately offended Flock’s ’26’.


The The competition between Chivas and Atlas is one of the most intense in all Mexican football Because it is the longest Clasico in national football history, so the heroes of the game usually live these commitments with high doses of emotions that sometimes appear on social networks, just as I didor “Chicoot” to remind the red and black of their sad reality.

Although she was out of the core forces of the red and black team, Christian Calderon has shown on numerous occasions his love for the flocksuch as the result he obtained in the first duel of the Clasico Tapatio, where He accepted the Rojiblanco shield even though the Rojengros were annoyed.

However, it isTensions flared up on social media when Fox player, Edgar Zaldivarpublished a post on his Instagram account, where he wrote the phrase: “Our only duty with history is to rewrite it and we are ready. At: Mexican soccer champions.

The “Chikot” brought out the pride of Rojiblanco, despite the recent exclusion, and replied: “They lost 10.” Referring to the difference in tournaments between the institutions, a comment that did not go unnoticed, which immediately ridiculed that Calderon had yet to win the herd:How many singers do you have from Los Guacamayos de Tepic? According to you, we will never be before you.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Jairo Torres, former Atlas playeralso responded to the Guadalajara player’s comment with greater overtones of insult: “This happens when you don’t have a basic education, Édgar Zaldívar. And they don’t teach him to close the orthotics.”wrote the new Chicago Fire of the MLS soccer player.

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