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Will you do any good?  The report left by Ricardo Pelaez to Fernando Hierro to plan Chivas

Will you do any good? The report left by Ricardo Pelaez to Fernando Hierro to plan Chivas

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The former Atlético sporting director has given a report that has already been reviewed by Fernando Hierro and that may help him in the coming days.


Fernando Hierro has a little over a week since arriving in Mexico start managing Chivas’ new sports project; However, it analyzes all sectors of the enterprise to determine the adjustments that it will make in the short and medium term; However, its predecessor, Ricardo Pelaez left a report to make things easier for him.

For several days, the president of Guadalajara, Amauri Vergara, he stated that reports were submitted to him from all regions for It is easy for the Spaniards to identify the cluba position confirmed by caller Fernando Cevallos on Fox Sports.

“What I know is that Ricardo Pelaez left a report before leaving And that it was up to Fernando Hierro about what the club was like, what he saw and what his vision was: he pointed out three engagements the team needed: central defender, attacking line player and center player, It is to explain.

However, due to the failed project led by the Mexican director, the journalist from the same network, Gustavo Mendoza, considers that Seeing Pelayes will not help the Spaniard, So you consider it It would be better to get close to the people you’ve led recently Learn more about the players.

Pelays’ report is useless, for God’s sake. If he changes projects every six months. This project does more harm to Fernando Hierro. If I were Hierro, I’d go and talk to Ricardo Cadena: “Tell me how the kids are.” Let him talk to Cadena, talk to Loco Espinoza and the people on the field. Peláez was from the top of the office and had a certain link. In three years his project had not worked out, if he had succeeded, he would still have been in Chivas and would not have to leave.announced.

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