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They reprimanded fans at Checo Pérez's Show Run and threatened to cancel

They reprimanded fans at Checo Pérez’s Show Run and threatened to cancel

Guadalajara, Jalisco /

The Red Bull Show 2022 It was not without an embarrassing moment and scolding the crowd who gathered in Guadalajara to see live Czech Perez beingAgo Presence of drones Too close to the Mexican pilot, they forced those who violated the rules of the exhibition to verbally reprimand and even Warning of possible event cancellation.

Red Bull threatened to cancel the run show

Thousands of people gathered on Vallarta Street and around La Minerva in La Perla to cheer on the Red Bull Racing driver from Guadalajara, who this Sunday will seek to repeat The podium was achieved a year ago at the Mexico City Grand Prixbut This Tuesday’s Show Run hasn’t been without misconduct.

All the way, at least Two drones near Sergio Perez’s carwhich is prohibited by regulators Red Bull 2022 offerAt that time, he was the leaders of the event They had to berate and berate the fans.

“To the fans present, we ask for your help to be able to follow this show. For this purpose It is imperative that they stop using drones, it is forbidden In the directions of this show. The Formula 1 is too strict And if the rules are not followed, We may not see Checo again todayHosts Jackie Felix and Gisele Zarror noted attendees.

remarkably Perez Mendoza made his rounds aboard the RB7a car that the Red Bull Racing team has used for over a decade in Formula 1, because – for obvious reasons – they are not risking the current RB18 that the next Guadalajara man will race in this weekend at Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

He was governor of Jalisco with Chico

Enrique Alfarothe head of state, was one of the special guests at La Minerva to shake hands and Living with Sergio Michel Perez Mendozawho thanked him on social networks for appearing in front of his people from Guadalajara.

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