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Wikipedia was missing; let's memorize what he said

Wikipedia was missing; let’s memorize what he said


Kylian Mbappe He looked less at football in South America after the renewal with Paris Saint-Germain Until 2025 when, in an interview with TNT Sports Brazil, he was asked about the candidates for the next World Cup that will be held in Qatar starting in November.

The signature that closed Real Madrid after ‘No’ to Mbappe

“France, of course,” the young striker said with a laugh. “I think Brazil is a good team too, but there are many European teams as well. The advantage we have here is that we always play high-level matches, we have the Nations League for example. When we get to the World Cup we will be ready.”

At the same time, he considered that “Argentina and Brazil do not play high-level matches to reach the World Cup. Football in South America is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why when you look at the last World Cup, it’s always the Europeans who win.

“Loko” Abreu’s response to Mbappe

joules And controversy sparked after those statements and one of those who came to the intersection was Sebastian Abreuthe former striker who played with him as much as possible Uruguay.

Mbappe: I never talked about money with Florentino Perez.

The Europeans win because of the number of Europeans who go to the World Cup. You have to see which groups you should qualify for. quality of competitors. Brazil and Argentina have less strong competition, you have a tie, but then you don’t have how to prepare because they are competing with each other, they are close to each other. “Loco” explained on ESPN, “It has never happened as before in the history of FIFA in which I have played, perhaps, with Germany, Holland or Spain.

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“How many trophies does France have, and how many European championships, 15 no? Uruguay two World Cups and 15 Copa Americas. Wikipedia was missing for Mbappe. Just because they play with Europeans does not mean that these Europeans are at a high level.

“It would be necessary to see, it would be good what the statistics do, it analyzes the World Cup and you see the results of each one. He does the science of the future, and I didn’t get the message. Just saying that, it doesn’t shut me down because 13 teams from Europe go first. I’m talking about Brazil and Argentina matches against the Europeans in the World Cup, to see how they went in the World Cup to prove what he says. Open.

“It’s like a Libertadores where more Argentines and Brazilians go than the rest. They are 13 from Europe, the more likely it will happen. Moreover, they are good, they go more. We will keep what Mbappe said, ‘Shut down’ Loco, “who was offended by French man’s words.