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The popular campaign was started by Ariel Pestano and another former player from Villa Clara - SwingComplete

The popular campaign was started by Ariel Pestano and another former player from Villa Clara – SwingComplete

Written by Jasel Porto

The playoffs in the 61st National Baseball Series didn’t even begin and several teams that had already been disqualified began suggesting replacements for management with a view to the upcoming 2023 season.

One of those cases is the Sugar Leopards of Villa Clara, one of the groups with the greatest traditions in Cuba, thanks, among other things, to the person who was in charge of them in a competition where they were fighting for ranking until the last minute.

There has been much debate about the quality of Pedro Gofa as a leader to lead the five-time National Series champions, and his critics point out that there is a significant difference between the man who won three crowns between 1993 and 1995 to the man who won three crowns between 1993 and 1995. He is back in 2022 to the role of helmsman.

The defenders, who are not few, blame the players more than the management, and consider that the lack of a higher individual level had a greater impact than the errors of Jova and the rest of the coaching staff. Even for significant injuries before and during the tournament, which includes the final stage in which they lost two of their key players (Alaín Sánchez and Ariel Carrillo).

But the first group at the moment considers that a new manager should arrive for the next season, and there are two names that are almost as prominent in this regard.

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Through social networks and virtual clubs such as Sugar Leopards on Facebook, many posts can already be seen where Ariel Pestano and Andy Sarduy are inconspicuously defended. Hundreds and hundreds of comments have been received in this first week that Villa Clara has been disqualified. This discussion is just beginning.

The ex-catch from the outer tier has always managed the job since retiring from baseball after his historic 2013 home run that astonishingly awarded the title to the orange team.

His defenders rely on his undoubted and impressive intelligence and knowledge, as well as a character who could greatly favor the discipline of his disciples and better team performance. But it is precisely the last aspect in which those who do not want to see him direct receive the most support. They consider that he has shown a poor record, especially in the sub-23 segment, which could spoil a good result for his players.

In Andy’s case, those who remember and support him consider him to have all the tools to succeed as a director. Wisdom, cunning and respect when demanded from others, considering that in his later years as a player he was one of the leading voices in Villa Clara’s team.

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Oddly enough, this other candidate also made history with a home race that night when Villa Clara beat Matanzas at Sandino to celebrate his last Cuban title so far.

At the moment, the Central Region authorities have not commented on what will happen next year with the team, and Yuva has not made any statements about his future intentions. It is too soon to know what path this situation would take, which suggests that it would not have been if the decision had not been made to remove Eduardo Barrett only in his second season. Especially after he discussed the title in his first appearance.