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Why is FIFA's suspension still possible despite the normalization committee's "disruption"?

Why is FIFA’s suspension still possible despite the normalization committee’s “disruption”?

Salvadoran football continues to count down until 4:00 am on Monday, which FIFA has set as the deadline for the INDES to withdraw the Fasvot normalization committee, although it has been suspended.

Saturday’s main news regarding Normalization of the commission imposed by INDES In the Salvadoran Football Association this was a “cessation of operations” and the removal of the Vesfoot facilities; However, essentially, the suspension (by way of a precautionary measure) to the Court of Disciplinary, Ethics and Sports Appeals (TDEA) remains in effect for the federation’s executive committee.

However, by not suggesting in the statement posted on their networks, overturn the order by the court, It is not yet clear whether the “interruption” will be sufficient for FIFA, as he confirmed in his letter to Fesfut on Wednesday 20 that “in the event that the normalization committee implemented by the Executive Committee of INDES, by Monday 25 July 2022 at 12 o’clock is not withdrawn 00:00 noon (from Switzerland, 4:00 am from El Salvador), the order will be sent immediately to the office of the FIFA Council.”

What line should Salvadoran football follow now to overcome the crisis?

The job cuts came hours after First and Third Division, plus ADFAS, Players and Coaches Association They requested that at a joint meeting in Vasvut, after Friday separately, the Primera and Players filed both measures separately.

He was the only absent League Twowhich requested in a statement signed by the said league’s board of directors, that the members of the Executive Committee be reinstated and with whom the regular football conference could be formed, in addition to the alignment of the Federal Regulations with the General Sports Law, as well as whereby Vasvot has the Ministry of Law again in the country.

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However, late at night Municipal, AD Municipal, Vendaval, Atlético Balboa, Topiltzín, Ilopango FC, Marte Soyapango, Pipil and Corinto FC issued a joint stand where they expressed their disapproval For the first statement, as well as his conviction to suspend the commission and ask FIFA to find a solution to the problems of national football.

Lucas Lapad, chair of the INDES-imposed normalization commission on Vasvot. Photo HRE/Jorge Reyes

Still not enough

Another point of perspective put forward by the lawyer who specializes in sports law, Emma Alvarez, who explained on his Twitter account that the problem would not lie even with the normalization body, but with the laws of Vasvot and its attempt to match the general sports law, which is why the TDEA ended with the implementation of the precautionary measure.

“The real problem is not the commission imposed by the INDES, it is the FESFUT laws because linking them to the General Sports Act goes against FIFA. It is an impossible task if the INDES insists on a dual jurisdiction like that of TDEAD. Therefore, the lawyer said on Twitter that the withdrawal of the Indes Commission only means prolonging the suffering dead person.

“FIFA will not recognize a change in the Statutes of FESFUT, even if it is on the proposal of Congress, if this would violate its principles. The preparation of the draft new Statutes for FESFUT does not presuppose a page as other federations have done. Here they will require legal endorsement from the FIFA Legal Committee and even its existence, can be put up for a vote by Congress.”

Rounding: In practice, Vasfoot’s Executive Committee is still pendingdespite the fact that there is no longer an operational function of the INDES normalization commission, since the only active member of the commission is Walter Carabantes-López, who was present on Saturday at the meeting of union members, but because it is still unable to take large-scale decisions.

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Will the interruption be enough for FIFA to avoid punishment? Perhaps there will be an answer this week.

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