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Monumental setback: Barcelona drew 2-2 against October 9 and fell in the second stage of La Liga | National Championship | Sports

Four penalties, three goals from that point and six video referee reviews (VAR) set the pace for the more than 110-minute match between Barcelona and 9 de October, the team narrowly victorious from Monumental Banco Pichincha. Left with 2-2.

The bullfighters had a good start, putting pressure on their opponent and causing dangerous actions on both sides. With this action, the locals advanced on the scoreboard with a header from Fidel Martinez (21st minute), who scored his second goal in his third match at this stage.

The Canary’s goal, rather than banishing the opponent, prompted him to match the actions and reverse the defect later. Gabriel Cortez led the visitors’ attack and scored two goals from penalty shootouts. With the complicity of Carlos Rodriguez and Javier Burray, the first penalty foul was created in the 27th minute that Cortez set with a 1-1 goal.

Before the first half closed, VAR technology dominated the scene. Referee Rudy Zambrano took 3 minutes. Cortez executed again and made it 1-2. At the start of the second half, the VAR and Zambrano were champions.

First, Zambrano consulted the system to declare a penalty kick by Kevin Becerra. Fidel Martinez went to collect, but missed the shot, and goalkeeper Ruben Escobar appeared to be out of position, so the judge went again to consult the VAR. But, looking at the replay, make sure there is no wrong action.

In the 82nd minute, Zambrano was helped again by the VAR to analyze the supposed foul on John Cifuentes, but he refused the action.

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Subsequently, the penalty that Damien Diaz turned into a goal also deserved a review in video judging.

Finally, to close out the night of the VAR prominence, the judge reviewed the videos again to rule the canary Lionel Quiñones sent off, after 100 minutes had already passed. (Dr)