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Why did Andres Iniesta choose the Emirates team at the expense of Inter Miami?

Why did Andres Iniesta choose the Emirates team at the expense of Inter Miami?

EFEAugust 9, 2023, 11:41 a.m. ETReading: two minutes.

Andres Iniesta is still active: he will play for Emirates Club at the age of 39.Getty Images

Andres Iniesta, legend Barcelona And Spain national team to explain At the press conference to introduce it as The new Emirates Club player is the reason you choose the United Arab Emirates Club over other offers such as Inter Miami where it does not play Former teammates Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets.

“I appreciate the interest so many people have shown in being able to count on me, but in the end I felt they wanted me to be here, and I have a lot of confidence from the president and the club, not only at a football level but in all aspects.Iniesta said.

And the famous midfielder added: “For me and my family, this is a new challenge, a new chapter, a new ‘challenge’ in our lives. I come here with all the enthusiasm in the world, just like I was at Barcelona or when I went to Japan, and I have illusions that I will continue. Enjoying football.”

At the age of 39 and after twenty years as a professional footballer, Iniesta, who signed a one-year contract with an option to renew, assured that he would do everything possible to “help his teammates” since Emirates, one of the country’s five biggest teams, was “growing”.

In addition, the 2010 world champion predicted the plans he has for when he retires: “There are many other things besides football that I am passionate about, such as training children, growing up in sports, football. It has also been years since we have our academies and we want to We continue to grow it.”

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