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Roberto Moreira scores twice and Genesis crushes Vida de Hector Vargas in La Ceiba

Roberto Moreira scores twice and Genesis crushes Vida de Hector Vargas in La Ceiba


he The inaugural championship of the National League Will complete the pending date of the first date with the duel between life and compositionWhere the clubs will meet for the first time section One.

The challenge between coconut and benjamin palms takes place in Sebino Municipal Stadium, Where Genesis began giving the surprise to the seven minutes with the caption of Erlen Gutierrezwho took advantage of a pass in a large area and without thinking twice, ended in defeat Quintero.

This is how the positions table works

Younger was close to scoring the second goal of the night, but Roberto Moreira wasn’t feeling well and Matias Quintero headed home after 17 minutes.

El Vida went out in search of an equalizer and arrived in the 20th minute, after a cross from Barrios and Jose Villafranca never forgave his header to secure a 1-1 draw.

The joy was short-lived for the Coconut Trees, however, after a mistake in the defensive zone and Erlen Gutierrez didn’t think twice about beating Quintero with a powerful left foot.

The special guest continued to be present for La Ceiba, as Roberto Moreira was responsible for extending the deficit to 3-1 with a shot from outside the area.

Paraguay returned with fine gunpowder and after 30 minutes scored two goals and 4-1 on the night in the port of La Ceiba.

The Reds are being directed by an old acquaintanceHector Vargas, while Genesis guided Rinaldo Telgoath, U.;A coach looking to write his own story.

team lines

life: Matias Quintero, b. Bernandez, Jonathan Bornstein, Helder Colón, Gerson Chavez; Tellas, Marcelo Canales, Jose Villafranca, E. Palacios; J. Centeno and L. Chimilio.

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origin: Gerson Argueta, Sergio Peña, Oscar Discoa, Lionel Casildo; Angel Villalos, Alejandro Reyes, Roberto Moreira; Stephen Davila, Juan Laso, Erlen Gutierrez, and Gregory Gonzalez