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Where will they play?  Platense moves out of Excelsior Stadium due to increased rental costs

Where will they play? Platense moves out of Excelsior Stadium due to increased rental costs


Selacios claims that the rental costs of the property have increased excessively. Within the Buenos Aires club, they do not feel the support of the opposite entity in the city and that is why they have been informed that the first home match of the Catracha Silver League competition will take place in another stadium that they have not confirmed yet, but it is Olympic to San Pedro Sula is the first choice.

TEN can know that Imdepore Asks Platenci 10% of the tickets in every game they play at home, 100% of the boxes belong to the municipality, but in the last tournament they were charged 50%.

In addition, the team asked to be able to train on the field three days a week, however, it was denied and they would only be given two days, something the club is unwilling to accept.

The statement on social media Platenci Explain what:

1) Due to the lack of support from the Imdepor Board of Directors regarding the excess rental fee for the Excelsior Stadium, our team will announce in the coming days the first home match of the season, scheduled for Sunday 27 August 2023.

2) To the fans who buy the boxes from Imdepor, we announce that Platense FC will not be responsible for making those payments to the said organization, because the entire money (100%) will go to Imdepor and we are not sure that we can play. Matches at Excelsior Stadium.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment these reasons may cause our fans, but we reiterate to all Platensismo that this Board of Directors works and will act to defend the interests of Platens Fc Before any institution comes to influence the interests of the club.

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