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David Ruiz l H?  Rinaldo Rueda reveals the first legion they were called up

David Ruiz l H? Rinaldo Rueda reveals the first legion they were called up

Cigatepec, Honduras.

Rinaldo Rueda Confirm the first names you will be part of Honduras national team for friendly vs Guatemala In Fort Lauderdale, which will be relaunched at the helm of the national team.

Also for matches The League of Nations. This was confirmed by the Colombian national team Rigoberto Rivas, David Ruiz and Albert Ellis Honduras will call upon them to fulfill these obligations. I have already spoken to them and they are ready to come.

On the other hand, Reinaldo Rueda in his second mini bike revealed both David Suazo how Minor Figueroa They accepted the invitation to serve as alternate technicians, so they are already in touch with Finafouth To track specific players.

He stressed that there are two cases in which he will work with the group of players, namely focus and confidence, which he lost recently in the absolute Honduran team.

Rinaldo Rueda’s press conference:

When to send the call:

First I would like to thank the tech clubs National League And to facilitate the players, it is not easy for the clubs to change the work of the coaches and thank them because everything is for the team. Last week we had seven players from Marathon and they played the classic match against Real Spain and the players behaved well and I think it is a situation that contributes to supporting the national team and the solidarity from the clubs is positive.

We have this meeting in these three days, make the most of it. Of the 24 or 12 that were returned, 12 remained in the database for diagnosis, whether from the Friendship or the Nations League, because we also have the American Games in October.

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We will continue what we have for the call, because the Honduran clubs play 29th, 30th and 31st in the Copa America and of course the call-up will be announced that week before that. I hope these guys do well in those matches. We will travel on August 31st and do recovery work on days one and two, to face the match against Guatemala on September 3rd.

Will he call David Ruiz?

on david, good, positive, We spoke with him last week, what he’s going through is very interesting, what happened in League CupHe is very rich for his career, for what he is building for his future and for the national team.

Reinaldo Rueda made strong statements.

His vision with the national team:

This is the complexity of the responsibility of being in selection, standardization, alignment, and tactical implementation at short notice. Each one has different training methodologies in their clubs, and if we compare those in the league with those abroad, for a bigger reason, but there is intelligence and tactical response. We try to build on what the previous coaches left, they did a great job, it’s not easy, but all the footprint they left is important.

It is to regain that focus and confidence, which is very complicated to learn about and to train, but this is where the Honduran footballer’s ability will show.

Maynor Figueroa and David Suazo agreed with the proposal:

Fortunately there is great disposition Minor and SuazoThey have accepted the invitation, are in contact with Fenafuth and have already given them information about the players they should follow.

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Rigoberto Rivas will be with the Honduras national team:

For Rigoberto Rivas, we have an even deadline Aug 29 To see what happens to your club, but it’s already banned by our federation, then we’ll know if we can get it sooner, maybe we can move to another club or we can get it a few hours earlier.

How to regain focus and confidence in the “H”?

This is one of the positions one takes in diagnosing, more than anything else because of what we experienced with Honduras. It is normal, because of what is happening in the national teams, such as what I experienced now, and what happened to Italy in the World Cup that they did not go to, and what happened with Brazil in Qatar, and here there are successful transfers and operations.

Going to four consecutive Olympics is a great legacy, two World Cups in a row, where abilities and talent are shown. It is to motivate everything the Honduran player has to regain confidence and focus. It is not easy to qualify for those events. We have to believe it because we have great potential, but in every game we have to show it on the field.

What diagnosis did you find yourself in Honduras players?

We keep making diagnoses, it’s positive, I think we have to be optimistic, we know the truth about Honduras, we hope we have the support of the sports organizations, we have to improve the fields, we have to strengthen our league if we improve the fields.

It is an investment that must be made immediately in the interest of our players, but the clubs have been growing in terms of logistics and game concepts, and the development of Honduras football has been seen.

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Did David Ruiz decide to choose Honduras or the United States?

on David Ruiz I think he was very positive when we talked to him, I think he expressed his interest… I don’t know, football is changeable and uncertain anyway but let’s hope he keeps his desire to play for Honduras, he’s already had that his World Cup experience Under-20s, we know his virtues and how well he does and hope he can be with us in the first team.

Will Albert Ellis be called, how is his recovery going?

Ellis is coming, he’s on the right track, Dr. Murillo has already connected with Purdue, he’s on the team that’s playing football, he’s in the process of resetting the competitive stage, very carefully, that fracture cohesive well and he’s doing it. Not to take any chances and under the illusion that he’ll be able to play a game or two before he’s with us at these games.