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Truglio after the elimination of Real Spain: Revealing his wife and the player who will lose to Motagua: “You are a difficult face”

Truglio after the elimination of Real Spain: Revealing his wife and the player who will lose to Motagua: “You are a difficult face”


Pedro Truglio spoke to the press after Olimpia’s 3-1 (3-2 aggregate) win over Real España and qualified for the semi-finals.

The Argentine coach commented on his wife’s complaint about the match against Real Spain, and revealed the player who will not participate against Motagua in the semi-finals.

— Truglio Conference —

Losing is normal.

Many say that losing is impossible. I will tell you something. Inter is the Italian Super Champion and do you know who lost to them? With Sassuolo, they are a relegation team, and here we cannot lose to anyone.

What does his wife tell him?

We are clear that we are a very good team but we make mistakes. We’ve had an era with these players and it bothered me and my wife herself says to me: “Don’t be stubborn, they gave you a lot of happiness” and yes, I’m stubborn because they gave me a lot of good moments.

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Personal and does not know why Real Spain came in sixth place..

We had 20 bad days, but before that we beat the same great team with 10 men. Because they are a great team and I don’t know how they finished sixth if they played so well. But then we had a lot of injuries, plus the addition of the nine players who were in the national team, and yet today Jorge played a great game.

They don’t have to leave us to die. At that time they said Spain played well and only reached twice because of our mistakes, whereas today we made 20 arrivals. We have a great team and we are still alive.

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Calm before Motagua and Chirinos sweep.

She showed that I was still in good shape, and I wanted to stop her so she controlled me. The important thing against Motagua is how you are and we have the possibility of coming home and I look at it better because of the wear and tear we had today.

Containing Andy Najjar didn’t work?

It’s not that it didn’t work. But we are at a time when we have lost many players in this position and that is why I tried to be more attacking. That’s why we later took out Minor to put Edwin in and thus authored the game.

Finally, it was revealed that Carlos Pineda will not be present in the semi-final against Motagua due to his injury. Keep cycling to get stronger