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What the NBA said about Stephen Curry’s controversial play Warriors vs Kings

What the NBA said about Stephen Curry’s controversial play Warriors vs Kings


Stephen Curry scored the dagger in Game 5 Golden State Warriors vs. The Sacramento Kings are in the 2023 playoffs, but the NBA has spoken out on this controversial play.

© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesStephen Curry in Warriors vs. Kings

Golden State Warriors He went from being 0 – 2 on the scoreboard against Sacramento Kings In the 2023 Playoffs Series you have two chances to advance to the Semifinals in Game 6, Friday, April 28 at 8:00 PM ET, or 7 if necessary. One responsible for the return is Stephen Curry controversial move. NBA I already talked about it.

After reaching the largest lead of the game with 12 points during the fourth quarter, the Warriors began to struggle in Game 5 by a one-unit lead. So no one is better than Curry to seal victory with a dagger they compare the Skyhawk to Kareem Abdul-Jabbarbut…

Just a moment! NBA He has something to say about controversial play Stephen Curry against the Sacramento Kings. The score was 119 to 114 in favor of the Golden State Warriors and Chef He began driving the ball back and forth with 29.1 seconds left in the game.

After going back and forth and after a few dribbles, Curry reached the low post and connected the dagger in the Warriors’ victory over the Kings in Game 5. However, The referees missed a charge And the NBA confirmed it in the last two-minute report of the game.

What did the nba say about curry’s controversial play against the kings in the playoffs

While Stephen Curry confirmed that what he thought before the dagger in victory Golden State Warriors April 26, 2023 was “Don’t lose it (the ball), don’t lose it, don’t lose it”, NBA I confirm that Curry (GSW) puts his hand under the ball and pins it to his body before resuming his dribbling.. More words, fewer words, the league validated a foul play that the umpires did not charge.

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