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David Beckham visited Paris Saint-Germain two months after the Argentine was released

David Beckham visited Paris Saint-Germain two months after the Argentine was released

Visit David Beckham This Thursday in facilities psg During the first team practice curiosity aroused, but many did The photo taken by the former English soccer player with Lionel Messi, who is about to be released from work Speculation is growing about the future of his career.

He was the world champion from days ago Barcelona He took advantage of his return to Spain to meet old acquaintances such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Albawith whom he shared dinner after a while.

In turn, there was speculation about a meeting with Joan Laporta That both from the club and from Leo’s entourage he was rejected. In this sense, Barcelona wants to sign Messi as a free agent for various reasons: emotional, after his unfortunate departure in 2021; Sports, because he is still in great shape and just won the World Cup; And economic, because of everything that would generate linking the club’s image with the image of the Argentine star again.


Messi’s future at PSG is up in the air

The Argentine received a lot of criticism from the French press, as well as from the fans of the Parisian national team.


Messi’s return to Barcelona

The reigning world champions have returned to the place where they have shone for decades, although no connection to the club has been confirmed.


Messi and his “association” with Inter Miami

He had already expressed his desire to live there and Gonzalo Higuain, who had retired from the MLS team, tried to convince him.

David Beckham’s visit to Paris Saint-Germain and the photo with Leo Messi

From the official account of Paris Saint-Germain, they reported that the former Real Madrid and Manchester United, who also passed through the Parisian team, of course, was present at the club’s facilities: “As part of his stay in Paris, David Beckham went to the training center From his former club to meet the Paris Saint-Germain players.

Paris Saint-Germain group photo with Beckham.


It should be remembered that the Englishman is 47 years old He retired from Paris Saint-Germain in 2013 After a long career. since then Become a real sports entrepreneurso much so that among other commercial activities, He became the owner of Inter Miami of the MLS.

This image between the two represents more than a simple photo: on the one hand, it shows Messi’s express desire to live in Miami. Towards the end of 2020, in an interview with Producción del Barrio, the guy from Rosario said: “I always had the illusion that I could enjoy and experience living in the United States, to live what this league is, what life is there. Later on, if that happens or not, I don’t know.

Leo Messi with his family.

Twitter AFA

On the other hand, Beckham’s desire to be able to count on his team with the player that everyone wants to have on their team. Even David himself recognized it after a photo of his kids in a ’10’ T-shirt went viral: “My kids admire Messi more than I do.”

When Messi’s future is in doubt, this giant of MLSthough it is more speculation and perhaps the wish of a few North American League fans than a real possibility.

Also, earlier this year, Phil NevilleThe Inter Miami coach denied his interest in Messi in an interview with The Times: “I will not deny the validity of the speculation. We are interested in Lionel Messi and Busquets.”

Messi was in Miami last year as part of a tour with the national team.


Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in June this year And the club continues to press to try to persuade Leo to continue in Paris. And although he doubted his presence in the 2026 World Cup, the Argentine, who will turn 36 years old on June 24, is clear that in the short term he wants to continue competing at the highest level.

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