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At Feyenoord they know they will hardly turn down €30m for Chaquito

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“I don’t want my son to come back to play in Mexico after 3 years”

‘Chaco’ Giménez talks about Santi’s future on the European Ball Podcast.

Christian Jimenez would prefer Santiago to stay in Rotterdam for another season, but it is clear that a million-dollar offer for his services cannot be refused.

in it Feyenoord You understand that it will be difficult to refuse an offer of 30 million euros for Santiago JimenezThe Mexican striker, although the intention is for him to stay a year or two in the Dutch national team.

“what he’s doing SantiagoIt’s hard to say no to a team that comes in with €30m and says they want to Santi. In addition, it is the business model of Feyenoord And the Dutch teams, I understand what it’s about, and I would love it if I could continue Feyenoordto stay for another year or season, and to establish himself as a footballer,” Christian Chaco Jimenezformer player in blue cross and dad Santiago Jimenez.

Santiago Jimenez He scored 20 goals in his first season with the club Feyenoord From the Netherlands, which made him emerge as one of the best strikers in football in Europe. Now it comes to teams from Spain, Portugal and England.

Santiago Jimenez has 20 goals in his debut for Feyenoord.EPA/PIETER STAM DE JONGE

“If there is a 22-year-old boy, from outside the European Union, who has scored 20 goals in 40 games, scored goals in the first season in European league, obviously we’re going to speculate and talk, our intention is to continue talking with Denise T. Cloisy. The intention is for it to have the continuity it should have, if anything, talk about it. The first thing I should do is sit down with Denise, and find out about plans for the future. Santi has a contract. What he doesn’t want is 40 or 50 percent of the team leaving, it’s the temptation of the campaign that the team is running. Today we are calm, he is happy FeyenoordAt the moment there is nothing concrete. At this moment, there are people approaching and asking if there is something to bring and see. We are glad to Feyenoordhe added Santiago Jimenez.

for now, Santiago Jimenez He is fighting to be Dutch soccer champion, in his first season.

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