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Alejandra de la Vega, against relegation fine

Alejandra de la Vega, against relegation fine

After they removed the descent in MX League Fines to the last difference in the division table, he chose his JuarezAnd Alejandra de la VegaSaid against said penalty, it does indeed make it impossible for teams that end up at the bottom to be competitive.

I say remove it (the fine); Resources are not unlimitedIt costs us a lot. Instead of using it to promote yourself or your infrastructure. They no longer take it (resources) and then You have to look for more resources to strengthen yourself…they do Almost impossible. Do we want to make Liga MX more competitive or go one step further, beating the weakest? ”

About going back up and down MX LeagueAnd Alexandra He said he still didn’t have a decision on the matter, since then United State They have competitive leagues despite not having a franchise lose at the highest level.

I even hesitate And explain why. Elimination and promotion are part of football cultureAlmost all countries have it, but living on the border you can’t help but watch the professional leagues United State And one of the things we say, “When you take away the touchdown, the league loses its competitiveness,” so is the NFL any less competitive? Or the NBA? It requires a broad discussion.”

They met with Arcondia

de la Vega He also announced that they had already expressed their disagreement with juryWhich leads Armando Archundia On the way in which arbitration was conducted and the claim of an equal standard for all.

“We followed the right process. We had a meeting After the match against Atlas where We are looking for Archundiathere was a league and We share our point of view. Find it Up to the game, we require this consistency in the standard. Just as we implement VAR technology, what else can we do to make decisions clearer, just as technology allows us to do wonders and help referees make the best decisions.”