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What is the best exercise to lose weight

What is the best exercise to lose weight

In the constant search to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle, facing difficulty finding Physical activity Which helps them lose weight, and many people wonder: What's the best way to burn calories: cycling or running?.

Mayo Clinic Ensures that one of the most effective techniques for Lose body fat This is done through aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, or swimming for a period of no less than 30 minutes several days a week.

However, while all three types of exercise provide significant benefits for cardiovascular health and weight loss, there is one that may be more effective.

Exercising physical activity outdoors reduces stress. Image: Shutterstock.

What is better for losing weight: running or cycling?

According to the specialized health website women's health, Running burns between 566 to 839 calories In one hour, while Cycling can consume between 498 and 738 In the same period.

It should be noted that other factors that affect the number of calories consumed include age, body mass, gender, and others.

When you think about burning calories, Running can facilitate weight loss faster than cycling. However, says Olivia Amato, a trainer at the US National Academy of Medicine, “One of the best things about… Cycling It is that it contains Low impact on the body's jointsThis allows you to prolong the duration of your workout, thus consuming more calories in total.

Cycling causes fewer injuries than running.  Image: iStock.Cycling causes fewer injuries than running. Image: iStock.

In this sense, both exercises have their pros and cons, and after which type of physical activity helps burn more calories, there are also other aspects to take into account when choosing one or the other.

BeingIn addition to Improve cardiovascular endurance And burning calories provides great benefits to your overall health. Astrid Swan, a trainer at the National Academy of Medicine, points out that this activity “has many long-term benefits” and also It helps prevent osteoporosis and stimulates metabolism.

Running helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.  Image: iStock.Running helps strengthen the cardiovascular system. Image: iStock.

On the other hand, running is economical, as you only need one pair of shoes, making it a good alternative for staying active. On the contrary, the main disadvantage of cycling is the cost, because you need a bike. Another advantage of cycling is that in addition to doing so to keep fit, it can become a means of transportation for going to work or shopping.