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What he says about Francisco Martinez's invitation to the "H" and the courts and footballers playing the role of the bureaucracy

What he says about Francisco Martinez’s invitation to the “H” and the courts and footballers playing the role of the bureaucracy


“My job is to support, like they did to me,” that’s how clear the Honduran striker is Albert Ellis In broad discussion through TwitterSpace with the journalist Edward Solano to me Francis Martinez Footballer Honduran League who enjoyed being summoned to a small cycle of “H” under the command of Diego Vazquez, an unprecedented event.

This decision by the coach generated diverse opinions from those who believe that “it is not about invention or experiment, but action and results,” as he puts it: Brian Bekelis And others comment: “Do not envy, enjoy the success of others, Marvin Chavez strengthened the Honduran national team for all.” I read here

Until the recorder appears Historic Carlos Pavon On mentioning it, “We’ll realize if Diego did it more to get attention.” I read here

But this time it was Paneretta’s turn, who was firm in respecting the decision of the coaching staff and that everyone’s job was to support.

“I am an active footballer for the national team, I qualify for the national team and cannot speak for others. As a player, all I have to do is support my teammates no matter who they are. It doesn’t matter who I call, second, third… my job is to support Just like they did with me.”

He added, “It’s not my job to talk about who goes to the national team or not, I’m not the one to talk. Everyone’s job is to support whoever comes, no matter where.”

Halfway through the dispatch, Corps was in touch with Luis Palma, who noted from Greece that “it is sad to see bad comments from people towards a boy who has only worked so he has the opportunity at this time.”

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Criticism of the sports press

The sure thing is that for the Girondins player in FranceFrancis theme It should not be on the front page, it should be the problems of Honduran football, such as the lack of stadiums, the draft reserve, better conditions for the players.

“What disappoints me the most is that there are so many journalists talking about this, – And you think this is the most important thing to know about the state of football in Honduras – Ellis wondered, When they should talk about the fact that the Federation does not have stadiums, that the teams do not have good reserves, that the players go on vacation to the United States to play the bureaucracy, now it seems normal – but is it true?

“They don’t talk about solutions, just the things mentioned above and they do it to create controversy, but will that add something to Honduran football? Why not talk about what needs to be done and not only that, but also push for the federation and the Honduran teams to do better” .

Looking at that, he indicated that in his experience he had never needed to go to United States to play games.

Have you seen players from Mexico, Canada, the United States or Costa Rica? Play bureaucracy in America? The reporter asked in an angry tone Edward Solana.

“I saw that the president said it was good for the players to go look and then want to order the World Cup. It bothers me that sports journalists, instead of talking about what they should talk about, are creating controversy,” the Honduran player closed in France’s second division.

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