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Well-being: What is the cause of envy and how to manage it?

Well-being: What is the cause of envy and how to manage it?

And thenvidia, coming from Latin word “invidere”Which means translation look with bad eyes to someone. It’s a common feeling in humans, one way or another, and although we deny it, we’ve all experienced it at some point.

Envy needs control and management, because Failure to do so can generate feelings of sadness, anger, or helplessnessamong many other negative emotions.

envy one unpleasant emotionWhich causes annoying behaviors in people. that it One of the most common problems related to emotions And thus also one of the most unifying. It entails longing for what someone else has And you want to be in someone else’s situation.

Characteristics of an envious person

These people are distinguished They have low self-esteem especially. A terrible and irrational fear invades them, believing that they are always without others. usually Adopt sarcasm or making inappropriate comments when someone else is talking about their achievements and what they have achieved.

What is the cause of envy?

We often envy the success and victory of others who already believe that their lives are better than ours, because The point of envy is always to get more. This causes negative emotions, although in some cases it can have a positive character.

This will be what we know ashealthy envySeeing others struggle and achieve their goals makes us follow the same path to achieve them.

How do you manage it?

The first step, as with all problems, is to be realize and realize To feel envy In addition, to achieve this, it is also necessary to know what a file is source of those feelings. So Find the event or situation that caused the frustration and anger because they want what others have.

There are a number of factors that can be the source of envy: Self-esteem, self-criticism, comparisons, fears, happiness. envy ends We worry less about the rest and more worry about ourselves.

It is important to know oneself, our capabilities, our limitations, and our capabilities It will focus our energy and the way we should act. Use the achievements of others as personal challenges and as a source of inspiration and admiration. Because always remember that Admiration is much better than envy.

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