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Spanish teachers visit the University of Medical Sciences of Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba, November 7 (Prinsa Latina) Educational teachers from schools in Spain, associated with UNESCO, visited here today the University of Medical Sciences, in this city in central Cuba, in order to establish a chair for environmental education.

Dr Luisa Márquez, the Spanish National Coordinator for this UNESCO activity, highlighted the organization’s expectations in terms of helping to establish the ‘Environmental Education for Sustainable Development’ chair at this graduate school as a pillar of health and human well-being.

The group of Spanish teachers toured, among others, the faculties of medicine and nursing, the information center and the Anatoly Luitra Anatomical Museum.

The Spaniard Marquez stressed to the press the importance of developing environmental protection and defending health, conducive to human well-being.

“These chairs are very necessary because we, as UNESCO members, participate in these projects that contribute to creating new values ​​in people related to good work and the development of global life,” he said.

He noted that over the course of 22 years, his organization cooperated with Cuba on several plans in which Spain’s schools worked with the Caribbean nation’s schools in early childhood education and secondary schools.

“In Cuba, we have known the love of teachers, how they are committed to educating human beings, and the desire they show to create a more educational and practical world that does not matter how and where they are born, but how they are intertwined with people.”

For her part, Mara Jesus Enguidanos, Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Institutions in Galicia, pointed out that the main potential of this chair lies in achieving the best way of caring for people.

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“With the embodiment of this faculty, a very important leap forward has been made thanks to the recognized and respected projection of UNESCO in defense of the environment and people’s health,” he stressed.

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