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"We have to strengthen ourselves in some situations to win the championship"

“We have to strengthen ourselves in some situations to win the championship”


Raul “Potro” Gutierrez Not thinking of abandoning the aurinegro ship. The Mexican coach spoke with TEN After losing the final against Olympia Championship Opening 2022.

The strategist confirmed that he is already negotiating to extend his agreement with the machine for at least another year. He also appreciated the loss to the Lions, who crushed him 3-0 on aggregate.

“Obviously no one likes to lose, and now the bitterness has to do with what could have been. All that remains is to find the next step, which is to be a champion,” he began.

for him “Colt” Gutierrez, improvement was observed in Real Spain at the time it was. “In the 12 months we’ve been here, the difference has been noticed and we’ve put the team in a position to have and that unresolved issue is the pursuit of the championship.”

What was missing or what did Real Spain stop doing in order not to win the title? “We gave many advantages in the first game, 2-0 conditional everything and here when we had the opportunity to get close, it ended with a counter-attack and they killed us. We do not take advantage of those important moments. The final match and the intense competition for that will not forgive you.”

And when asked about its continuity in the machine, it turned out that they had been evaluating its renewal before. “We are working on it with Mr. Elias (Porbara), I will be staying for at least another year, we will see how everything develops, so we plan for next year.”

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Finally, the Aztec captain and runner-up in Honduras has already appreciated the potential signings. “The team is ready for more things, we have to strengthen ourselves in some situations to be up to the task and win the championship.”