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We are on the road we all dreamed of

MX League

The leader of the pack has no doubts that they are heading in the right direction before the start of the new campaign, which will be their first tournament.

© Imago 7Now comes Chivas Fernando Hierro: We are on the road we all dreamed of

Fernando Hierro had it all planned out. Despite the criticisms leveled at the beginning of his administration As it took nearly two months for the first Clausura 2023 deals to arrive, the sporting director said He explained that they are on the right track to start the campaign with everything as he knows the demand will come from the first match.

The interesting picture left by the Holy Swarm by technician Veliko Paunović In the preparatory matches, they made the fans believe that Hierro was not wrong in his choice, but the Spaniard revealed that his steps are always They were resolute in shaping the immediate future of a club that blindly trusted their decisions in the best way possible.

this monday, The Chivas manager spoke about the arrival of Victor Guzman and Daniel Rios as the first reinforcements for the upcoming Liga MX event, but before revealing the reasons that led to their respective contracts, he mentioned that the process Followed since he took over the position left vacant by Ricardo Pelaez is the right track.

“The coach told me from day one that he was very happy with the boys and the boys with him.. They work fantastically. So we are on the path we all dreamed of to start the season at the high level we want to be. This is the cause of the causes. The coach has to try things, to see things, to get to know the players.”

reconnaissance So far, have you liked Hierro’s work?

So far, have you liked Hierro’s work?

Well, I didn’t really see anything.

Yes, I really like his personality too

No, without support I don’t trust him

1954 The people have already voted

“What we can’t do is devalue our players because we did A large number. We have boys from Tapatio, players who came on loan from last year, We had to notice many things and what we didn’t want to do was get caught in the downpour because the downpour weakens us,” Hierro pointed to Chivas TV.

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