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It really shines with chivas!  Victor Pocho Guzmán stunned Paunovic in his first training session with Chivas

It really shines with chivas! Victor Pocho Guzmán stunned Paunovic in his first training session with Chivas

MX league

The fresh forward from Guadalajara has joined the rest of the rojiblanco squad, although he will not play against Atlas next Tuesday.


Chivas shook all of Mexican football with a merger Victor Guzmán Al Ribano as Clausura 2023 promotion; However, The Pachuca midfielder really started to shine on his first day on the job With the rest of Rogblanco’s squad, this was demonstrated by the few activities in which they allowed him to work alongside other footballers.

Having asserted himself as Guadalajara’s reinforcement, El Pocho went to Verde Valle on Monday for his first training session officially as rojiblanco, where, as explained by the club, with Daniel Rios, Work out in the gym, pass on the ring, bull and even shots on goal.

In this last exercise, Guzmán emerged with his scoring nose, Since the chiverío Twitter account on social networks has published a video of the shots taken by the new rojiblanco striker as the ball ended up at the bottom of the net,Increase the enthusiasm of Rojiblanco fans.

Guadalajara The final day of the Sky Cup duel will be played against Atlas on Tuesday, in which the result is inconsequential, as Flock was already pinned in the tournament final; However, Paunovic will continue to work to further promote his football idea in rojiblanco, where I will not have Guzmán or Daniel Rios, who work separately To prepare physically to fully integrate with the rest of the team.

When will the reinforcements start with Chivas?

coaching staff andIt analyzes the physical condition of both players, So in the best case scenario, they will participate for a few minutes in the final of the Heaven Cup next Friday; However, andIn case they are not ready, they will appear until January 7, 2023when Chivas appeared at Clausura 2023 against Rayados.

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