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Vertex AI, Google's new artificial intelligence for health professionals

Vertex AI, Google's new artificial intelligence for health professionals

This new solution relies on generative artificial intelligence to improve the analysis and management of clinical notes and patient records. (picture information)

With the aim of improving service at all levels of healthcare thanks to the power of generated artificial intelligence, Google has introduced Vertex AI Search for Healthcare, an advanced digital tool that aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector as it uses artificial intelligence to improve healthcare analysis and management. notes, as well as facilitating patient records.

Likewise, it seeks to increase user trust This is done by linking each answer to specific dataThis significantly reduces the risk of errors or misinterpretations.

Let's remember that This innovation is developed by Google CloudIt is a platform that offers a range of cloud computing services and also includes various solutions for computing, data storage, analysis, machine learning, and application creation.

The model, called Vertex AI Search for Healthcare, allows for medically tailored searches based on a patient's clinical history. (Google)

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare features Enable medically modified searches The patient's clinical history, such as cancer history, is informed by a deep understanding of the terminology and nuances of medical language.

System too It seeks to simplify the clinical decision-making processallowing healthcare professionals to more quickly and accurately access necessary information without having to manually review hundreds of pages or switch between different screens and applications.

This innovative system seeks to simplify the clinical decision-making process, allowing health professionals to access information more quickly and with greater accuracy. (Google)

Ashima Gupta, global director of healthcare strategy and solutions at Google Cloud, stressed the importance We have enterprise-level generative AI solutions based on real data For the health care field.

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Another notable feature of Vertex AI Includes configurable APIs in the cloudmaking it easy to integrate clinically modified research into clinical site workflow tools.

A Gen AI model specialized in classifying chest X-rays was also introduced. (picture information)

In addition, Google Cloud has introduced other AI-based solutions, e.g Gen AI model for classifying chest X-ray images.

While a specific Application Programming Interface (API) has been provided for each task called Status Summary. Its main goal is Provide a chronological list of patients' casesaccompanied by AI-generated summaries of each case, with direct quotations from the original text.

The purpose of providing this chatbot is to simplify the interpretation of complex health data that is typically presented in tabular and graphical formats. (Fitbit)

Fitbit, the prestigious health monitoring brand currently owned by Google, announced the announcement AI-powered chatbot integration It is designed to improve the wellness experience on its devices and services, representing a major advance toward personalizing health and fitness advice.

next to, Google is developing a large language model (LLM) Specialized in health, in order to provide recommendations more tailored to the individual needs of Fitbit users.

Promised improvements include a More effective search and advanced visualization of health data. In fact, the The AI-powered chatbot, using natural language, will allow users to make specific inquiries about aspects such as the quality of their sleep or physical activity.

These developments are part of Google's efforts to overcome challenges in the healthcare sector through the use of artificial intelligence. (Google)

On the other side, Artificial Intelligence Model Big Language Model of Personal Healthbased on Google's Gemini technology, aims to provide personalized advice, ranging from exercise routines to sleep patterns, through an easy-to-use and accessible user interface.

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This development fits into Google's broader strategy going forward Implementing artificial intelligence algorithms in the field of healthIt seeks to simulate medical work through advanced technological tools.

Yossi Matias, recognized global leader in health and climate AI at Google, stressed that the tool is under development. It will have the ability to analyze differences in users' sleepSuggest adjustments to your training intensity and make recommendations based on data analysis.