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UPNFM makes Motagua's night bitter and complicates them on their way to leading the Apertura Championship

UPNFM makes Motagua’s night bitter and complicates them on their way to leading the Apertura Championship


Motagua slept and UPN drew 2-2 on their last breath at Chelato Uclés National Stadium at the end of Day 14. Ciclón Azul reached 31 points at the top, moving slightly off his direct chaser who is Olympia by 28. .

A dynamic match between both teams on the green field and it was Kolocho Martinez who took the fans out of their seats with an excellent combination with Eddie Hernandez and finally the midfielder was surprised by the timely exit of goalkeeper Celio Valadares to clear a potential shot.

Check the minute by minute of the match

The minutes passed and Wolverhampton defended the cave well, but they were surprised by a left-footed shot from Carlos Zapatilla Mejia from outside the area after being overtaken from the right wing by Marcelo Santos.

Wolves made it clear in the 26th minute that they didn’t come to the match for a walk when Ted Boden took advantage of the middle from the right and sent the ball into the net with a huge technical signal from his head. Goalkeeper Jonathan Roger has totally cheated.

Just a few minutes later, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste managed to enable Axel Gomez whose powerful left-footed shot burned Rogier’s gloves, and the Argentine was stunned and sent the ball into a corner kick. Great minutes from the package.

The Honduran champions put his foot on the gas pedal and Celio Valadares avoided the goal after Zapatilla Mejia fired outside the area after a brilliant solo play.

Already in the opponent’s minutes the Blues did not lower their arms and took the prize, Celio Valadares rejected a bad shot, Eddie Hernandez and Hector Castellanos did not hesitate to achieve a pounding on goal to win 1-1.

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In a superb escape from the left, Lavan El Chino crossed Lopez’s cross and Eddie Hernandez sent it into goal as Valadares jumped to drown out the goal scream. However, Marcelo Santos along with Jonathan Nenez and the right-back leaked through a fight, arriving full and firing into the Wolverhampton booth to celebrate the comeback in the 50th minute.

After that, Zapatella Mejia pardoned in a singles match the third result in favor of Motagua and this opportunity was missed. Angel Tejeda hit the post with a superb header and in Marcelo Pereira’s counterattack, the goalkeeper saved it with a good shot.

At the age of 81, newcomer Fabricio Brenner gave the ball to Juan El Camilito Delgado and hit it in the horizontal direction. Not wanting to withdraw with a defeat on their backs, the Wolves overcame the Blues.

However, injury time was already in dispute and Elder Torres emerged with a toxic free kick, firing Edward Reyes out of nowhere to connect with a header and put 2-2 on the board. A bucket of cold water for the leader.

Referee Nelson Salgado ordered the end and Wolverhampton did not give up the opportunity to qualify for the league, they reached 11 points and remained in eighth place.

meeting paper:

motaguaJonathan Roger, Giovanni Boiso, Marcelo Pereira, Denel Maldonado, Marcelo Santos (goal 49), Hector Castellanos, Guantán Nunez, Juan Delgado, Carlos Mejia, Roberto Moreira, Walter Martinez, Fabricio Brenner, Ivan Lobizern, Edeniz. >> Diego Rodriguez.

DT City of Hernan.

yellowEddie Hernandez (43), Ivan Lopez (59), Marcelo Santos (63), Marcelo Pereira (89).

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red: It was not.

Objectives: Hector Castellanos (45 + 4) and Marcelo Santos (50).

UPN wolves: Celio Valadares, Lisvin Medina, Edward Reyes, Johnny Leveron; Axel Gomez, Christopher Urmenita, Elder Torres (64), Oliver Morazan, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste; Giancarlo Vargas (85), Jairo Roches, Ted Boden, William Moncada (74), Samuel Elver.

DT: Hector Castellon.

yellow: Edouard Reyes (45 +3) and Jacques-Jean-Baptiste (56).

red: he was not there.

Objectives: Ted Bowden (26) and Edward Reyes (90 + 1).

Rule: Nelson

stadium: National Chilato Uccles.